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Key Information


Gray Academy of Jewish Education is located in the 203,000 square foot Asper Jewish Community Campus in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Accommodation Options:

Health Insurance Requirement:
Health insurance is included in the student's tuition and is arranged by the school.

Student Population:
There are 500 students enroled for the 2015-16 school and approximately 25 of those students are new immigrant arrivals to Winnipeg or International students.

Study Periods:
Gray Academy of Jewish Education is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 pluralistic Jewish day school that provides students with two diplomas: one for General studies based on the guidelines set out by the Province of Manitoba and another one for Judaic studies. Our school is not on a semester system; but we do offer half courses throughout the year with 8 periods a day that are 40-45 minutes long.

Institutional Profile

Gray Academy of Jewish Education is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 Advanced Placement university preparatory school that places equal value on Jewish and General academic programs, and provides opportunities to nurture the emotional well-being and spiritual development of all students. We also offer Hebrew, English as an Additional Language, Special Education, and a Guidance Program. Our success in meeting National Standards of Excellence is mirrored by the extra-curricular achievements of our students in debating, sports, and math and science competitions.
Gray Academy received accreditation from the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS). The purpose of CAIS is to develop and promote high educational standards for schools in Canada and to foster compliance while recognizing the independence, integrity and uniqueness of its individual member schools. As required every seven years, in 2013 Gray Academy was accredited by CAIS for the second time.

Judaic Studies teachers Mara Cramer and  Naama Miller were recent recipients of the prestigious Jewish Education Service of North America Inc.'s (JESNA) annual national Grinspoon-Steinhardt Awards for Excellence in Jewish Education.

Gray Academy is proud to announce that 85% of the student body maintained an 80% average and higher in the 2014-15 school year.

At the student awards for Grades 7 - 11 for the 2014-15 school year, 15% of the students were recognized for maintaining an academic average of 95% or over.

In 2014-15, 82% of Gray Academy graduates receive University Entrance Scholarships.

98% of the student body who applied to University or college over the last four years were accepted to their first choice academic institution.

ESL Support:
We provide English as an Additional Language (EAL) support for students with various levels of English competency (both written and oral) with the use of the Rosetta Stone Library program for high school students and an elementary school specialized teaching environment.

Notable in-school programming:
Youth in Philanthropy, Raoul Rallenberg Day, Yom Ha'atzmaut, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Hashoah, Yom Yerushalayim, Kabbalat Shabbat, Yearbook, School Newspaper, Student Musical, Peer-Tutoring, Kristallnacht,  Lunch & Learn and Tefillin Club with clergy, Partnership 2gether (P2G)

Support services for international students:
Gray Academy has one full time staff person, the Director of Admissions, who manages the International Student Program, along with the Head of School.

Unique or notable course offerings:
Gemilut Chassidim course (30 hours of community volunteering), Youth in Philanthropy program (development of decision making skills around the disbursement of funds to Winnipeg-based non-profit organizations), Jewish Life Cycle course (field trips to a Burial Society, Jewish cemeteries and a Mikveh),

Comparative Religion course (field trips examine Christianity, Islam and Buddhism) and Shoah Studies (Grade 9 school trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C).

Extracurricular activities and programs:
Asper Foundation Human Rights and Holocaust Studies Program to Washington, D.C., Partnership 2gether  trip to Israel, Jewish Awareness Retreat, Model U.N. Trip to New York City, Ski Trip to Asessippi, Outdoor Education to B'nai Brith Camp, Grade 12 culminating trip to Israel, Forum for Young Canadians to Ottawa, Encounters with Canada in Ottawa, Regional, National and International Debating & Public Speaking Tournaments, National Bible Contest to Toronto or Montreal, Regional and National Spelling Bee Contest, Chess Club, Reach for the Top team, Sports Tournaments for volleyball, curling, golf, basketball, soccer, flag football, badminton, and track and field, after school Band Program, Song Festival, and Student Council participation (Social, Fundraising, Israel, Cultural, Sports and Environmental committees)

Facilities either on-campus or in the community:
2 Full-size gyms, 3 Science Labs, Music Studio, Art Studio, 3 Computer Labs, 1 Mac Lab for Multi-media course, Beit Midrash Space, Theatre for Performing Arts, outdoor sports field, Library, attached Athletic Community Centre with Rock Climbing Gym and Swimming Pool, and after school cultural and athletic community programming

Recreation and cultural opportunities:
Opportunities are available for international students to become involved with leadership roles in B'nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO), synagogue sponsored programs and cultural events both in the city and abroad, as well as with various Jewish agencies like Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, Jewish National Fund, B'nai Brith Camp, Camp Massad, Chai Folk Ensemble, Shalom Residences, the Sharon Home, and Jewish Child & Family Service to name a few. Winnipeg offers many professional and community-level cultural and athletic opportunities ranging from hockey, baseball and football to music, ballet and dance and city-wide events like Folklorama, Festival du Voyageur and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

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"Once a year I speak to Grade 10 classes about the role Shalom Residences plays in the Jewish community. In my presentation I stress the importance of the inclusion of intellectually challenged in our community. By volunteering their time for Shalom Residences they make such a difference not only to the residences of the home but also to the many seniors who have supported this organization for many years," says Harriet Cipilinski, Special Needs Educational Assistant at Gray Academy of Jewish Education. "When our faithful supporters see the beautiful Gray Academy students serving them tea, their eyes light up. Some are truly moved to tears to see the next generation continuing their legacy of support for this worthwhile cause."

"The students at Gray Academy have taken a lead role in the planning and preparation for the Remembrance Day service this year. One of the Grade 11 Canadian History classes, the Grade 6 students and many other students will all be performing the ceremony. Gray Academy strongly emphasizes the value of active and informed citizenship and this event offers an important opportunity to the students to honour those who have fallen and fought for Canada," said Heidi Crowley, Social Studies and History teacher.

Miriam Bronstein, music teacher at Gray Academy of Jewish Education says, "We are so pleased to be included in a community event with a large choir and of course with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Most important is the educational value of being in a room with 350 students from River East Transcona School Division who are learning about children in the Holocaust."

Lawrence Goldstine who teaches the Grade 11 Lifecycle course believes this compulsory subject gives students a broader perspective on Jewish lifecycle events. "By giving them a real life Jewish perspective on death and mourning they are able to talk about illness, as there have been times during the course when a student loses a loved one."

"Gray Academy made me who I am today. It made me prouder to be Jewish, it made me love Israel more than anything and it set me up to have a strong Jewish future by continuing to hold up the chain. The school allowed me to go on a life changing trip to Israel, took me on an unbelievable trip to the United Jewish Communities General Assembly in Toronto and taught me about the Holocaust in Washington DC. I was also able to learn an instrument in the school band, develop performing skills in three Gray Academy musicals and practice davening and reading torah and school shabbatons. The Gray Academy gave me the tools that I need in life to be a Jew," says Avi Posen (Class of '06)

"When searching for a University, I was unafraid of places with intense work loads because, the double program at the Gray Academy prepared me for any challenges I might face at University. Additionally, I looked for a place that would be small and supportive, just like home. However, I will always miss Gray Academy of Jewish Education and always remember the wonderful years I spent there," says Alexandra Frohlinger (Class of '06)

"What I love about Gray Academy is that because there is a smaller atmosphere, I am able to take advantage of all of these opportunities, whereas at other schools, I would not be able to. How many people at a large high school can say that simultaneously, they were involved in student council; played on the volleyball, basketball and soccer teams; went on educational trips to Israel, the U.N., and the March of the Living trip; became a journalist for the school newspaper and a peer tutor; and also performed in the school band? At Gray Academy, the smaller, more nurturing atmosphere, allows for every student to excel in the activity and program that he or she chooses," says Yael Shrom (Class of '07)

"As our second child approaches graduation, we have come to realize that what stands out about a Gray Academy education are the volunteer and leadership opportunities afforded to our children. These vital opportunities and skills are cultivated and supported by the staff/ administration at Gray Academy. All the building blocks are there from the early years through group action/giving and a genuine commitment to "giving back". However, the real proof occurs in grades 10-12, when the students test the waters on a broader scale, not only in the Winnipeg community, but through direct connection with Israel, including exchange programs. There is great satisfaction as a parent when your children graduate with a strong sense of who they are and what a difference they can make in this world. The strong academic program prepares them for any university setting, but it is the "extra" personal growth and community commitment that sets up our grads for success in life. It is this factor that has been the most gratifying for us....knowing that the most vital part of their growth and skill development has everything to do with the educational choice you made," say parents Jerry and David Shrom.

"As graduates, we can all feel proud of the deep rooted foundations to Jewish life and values that the school has provided us. The committee's goal is to organize and coordinate efforts on behalf of our proud and successful alumni body in assisting the school's continued commitment to educating and graduating informed and educated Jewish men and women," says Al Benarroch, Past Chair, Alumni Committee, Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education.

Alumni Association:
Gray Academy has an active Alumni Association that meets once a month and reaches out to 1,200 Alumni with regular newsletters, special events programming and fundraising initiatives.

Scholarships, grants, or bursaries:
Gray Academy provides a wide range of awards, scholarships and bursaries to students in high school and in particular to Grade 12 students entering university.

Gray Academy students have been recognized nationally with various awards, notably the Provincial Excellence Award (Millennium Scholarship), the Miller Thomson Scholarship as well as establishing themselves as leaders on the international level in Debating and provincially and nationally in Mathematics and Science.

Staff population, more specifically, student-teacher ratios/class sizes: There is 57 full time and 41 part time staff that encompasses Educational Assistants, Special Needs Educational Assistants, and Department Heads for Physical Education; Math & Science; and Language Arts & Social Studies, and resource teachers. Class room sizes are 16-20 students and in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten there is 2 teaching staff to 20 students.

History of the institution:
Over 110 years ago in 1902, the community Jewish Day School system began when King Edward School opened its doors for the children of Jewish immigrants who had come to the new frontier of Winnipeg. Teaching a curriculum of Hebrew language, Talmud, Jewish literature and history, it was the first Talmud Torah School.
Gray Academy of Jewish Education opened in 1997 at the Asper Jewish Community Campus in the south end of Winnipeg. It amalgamated Talmud Torah - I. L. Peretz School, Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate and Ramah Hebrew School. The school was comprised of three divisions: Shore Early Years School, Simkin Middle School, and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate. In 2004, Gray Academy of Jewish Education became a single school unto itself amalgamating Shore Elementary School and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate.

Through this Jewish education over the past century, children have been able to experience how they are linked to their history, and their ancestors. Students see how they fit into a larger, grander scheme of things. From this experience, children become rooted in the past but also in the present and future. They gain the knowledge of their purpose and place in the world.

Program Details

For high school students, Gray Academy has extended the Advanced Placement program in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts from Grade 7 to 11; offers a new University equivalent Bio-Chemistry class for Grade 12 students; extended Band Program; and continued growth and development of our Beit Midrash Program.
Aboriginal Education and Exchange Program - Our Grade 11 students participate in three enriching workshops on Aboriginal culture and Judaism with students from Southeast Collegiate.

Enhanced Guidance Department (High School) - Students in Grades 7 -12 now have an opportunity to be exposed to a myriad of resources available to them in the guidance department. Whether browsing through literature on a range of social issues in between classes and on lunch or seeking information on University scholarships, the guidance area has been turned into a relaxed, informative and welcoming environment for all senior students.

A course on Life Skills is taught to all Grade 7 and 8 students where they learn about study skills, conflict resolution, family life, alcohol and other drugs, healthy relationships, mental health and healthy body image. While class time in the senior grades is spent talking to students about post secondary planning with respect to university choices, scholarships and applications.

English as an Additional Language (High School) - In the EAL high school program at Gray Academy, there are currently 15 students who reap the benefits of a revolutionary program that makes learning a new language faster and easier than ever before. The Rosetta Stone Language Library is a combination of sights, sounds and words which represent a breakthrough in language learning; it can be viewed as a multi-media individual language lab where the aid of computers, headsets and handbooks allow students to navigate through the material at their own pace, using their respective natural learning styles. With the Rosetta Stone, words become associated with objects and ideas because they are introduced in the context where meaning is clear and reinforcement is immediate. As this program uses carefully selected pictures to create its context of meaning, students work exclusively in the new language they are acquiring. The program uses the mind's innate ability to associate sounds to meaning, without translation into the native language of the learner.

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition Fee = $14,700 (September 2015 - June 2016) for International students
  • Homestay Fee = $600 per month
  • Custodian Fee: $1,000
  • School Administration Fee =  (Deposit of $500 is required which is non-refundable)
  • Medical Insurance = $600 per year

Enrolment Information

Students wishing to apply to Gray Academy of Jewish Education should contact  Judi Price Rosen to request an admissions package. Applicants must complete the enclosed application form and return it along with a CDN $500 non-refundable application fee and certified copies of their most recent academic reports. Once the application has been received, the School will contact the student's family to discuss fees and the study permit process. Deadline for registration should be no later than end of June for the upcoming school year.

Contact Information

Judi Price Rosen
Director of Admissions
Gray Academy of Jewish Education
A202 - 123 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Canada R3N 2B4
Tel: 204-477-7489
Fax: 204-477-7511

Social Media
Twitter: @MyGrayAcademy
YouTube: MyGrayAcademy Channel

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