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Louis Riel Division logoGeneral Program Information

  • Early, Middle & Senior Years
  • English & French Immersion Programs
  • Technical/Vocational Programs
  • Semester or Full-Year Option
  • Summer Enrichment Program
  • Short-term programs

Key Information


Winnipeg, also known as the “Heart of the Continent,” is home to nearly 700,000 residents. This four-season city offers small-town charm and big-city amenities such as arts, culture, sports, parks, nature and historical sites. The Louis Riel School Division serves the students of south-eastern Winnipeg—a diverse community that is both welcoming and safe.

The Louis Riel School Division Homestay Program allows students to immerse themselves in Canadian culture. Students can expect a private room in a secure home environment, a positive atmosphere in which to study and live, and a family that has been personally selected and approved by the Homestay Coordinator.

Health Insurance Requirement:
Health Insurance is mandatory for all International Students in the Louis Riel School Division at a cost of approximately $350/year. All arrangements are made through the International Student Program and payment for coverage is due upon arrival in Canada. Students studying for over 6 months will receive additional coverage through Manitoba Health.

Study Periods:
The Louis Riel School Division offers three study period options:

  • Regular Academic Program (September – June)
  • Short Term Program
  • Summer Enrichment Program

Institutional Profile

The Louis Riel School Division welcomes International Students and appreciates the diverse perspectives they bring to our schools and classrooms. We offer excellent and affordable educational experiences for students of all ages, with complete immersion in English or French speaking environments and English as an Additional Language (EAL) support. The Louis Riel School Division serves nearly 14,500 students in 40 schools. The school year begins in September and ends in June. Secondary schools operate on a semester system (September-January and February-June).

Program Details

Our distinct programming strives to ensure that International Students have a memorable experience and provides students with meaningful and engaging experiences that foster personal, academic and social growth.

Louis Riel School Division supports Manitoba curriculum across the Division and offers a broad range of academic and university entrance courses in Grade 9–12. It also provides industry-led technical and vocational training that has a proven track record for future employment.

In addition to academics, the Louis Riel School Division Accredited Summer Enrichment Program provides existing International Students with numerous opportunities to explore beyond the classroom. Learn more about the great city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba.

Students are welcome to audit courses (short-term studies) at any time during the year (fees apply).

Student Support

  • coordinate homestays (if required)
  • arrange health insurance
  • greet students upon arrival at the airport
  • assist students with course selection, school registration and orientation
  • facilitate transition prior to and after arrival
  • transfer out-of-province credits
  • monitor attendance

Tuition and Fees

Regular Academic Program – September – June – Fee Schedule
Application Fee (non-refundable) $200
Full Year Tuition (semester 1 &2) $11,000
Half year Tuition (semester 1 or semester 2) $5,500
Medical Insurance (flat fee for one year, compulsory) $350
Homestay Fee (lodging and food) $700/month
Student Fees $100
Total full year with homestay fees $18650 CAD
Total half year with homestay fees $9650 CAD

Short Term Program – Fee Schedule
Application Fee (non-refundable) $200
Tuition $1100/month
Medical Insurance $50/month
Homestay Fee (lodging and food) $700/month
TOTAL (for one month) $2050

Summer Enrichment Program – Fee Schedule
Application Fee (non-refundable) $100
Tuition (Qualify for 1 EAL credit) $1150
Medical Insurance $50
Homestay Fee (lodging and food) $700/month
TOTAL (for one month) $2000

Accredited Post-Secondary Technical/Vocational Program-Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre (ATC) – Fee Schedule
Application Fee (non-refundable) $200
Tuition $12,000
Medical Insurance $350
TOTAL $12,550 CAD
Additional program fees (approximate) – paid directly to ATC
Administrative Assistant $250
Automotive Technology $205
Baking & Pastry Arts $300
Culinary Arts $280
Early Childhood Educator $200
Electrical Trades $200
Esthetics $530
Hairstyling $325
Information Systems Architect $1095
New Media Design $150
Plumbing $200
Broadcast Media $150

Contact Information

Ms. Monèle Schrot, Director International Education Department
Tel:   204-257-7827
Fax:  204-237-7179

Social Media
Twitter: @louis_riel_sd
YouTube: Louis Riel School Division Channel

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