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Mennonite Collegiate InstituteGeneral Offerings

  • Senior Years
  • Diploma Program

Key Information


Mennonite Collegiate Institute is located on a 14 acre campus in the small community of Gretna (pop. 600).  Gretna is located on the Manitoba/U.S. border, 100km South of Winnipeg.

Accommodation Options:
Campus Residence

Health Insurance Requirement:
Health insurance is included as part of tuition and is arranged by the school.

Student Population:
Enrolment in recent years has ranged from 140 – 160 students, with 6 -12 international students each year.  In recent years our international students have come from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Kenya, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Paraguay, and Mexico. 

Study Periods:
MCI operates on a semester system with student intake points possible in September and February.  A full year of study begins in September and ends in June.

Institutional Profile

Mennonite Collegiate Institute is an independent high school, founded in 1889. We provide a strong academic programme intended to prepare high school students for entrance to post-secondary institutions in Manitoba and around the world. Our purpose is to educate young people in an Anabaptist/Christian context, seeking to develop their God-given potential in terms of physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Program Details


  • Conform to Manitoba Education for graduation requirements with additional requirements for an MCI certificate of graduation
  • Programmes are geared towards post-secondary entrance
  • Advanced placement courses may be available in grade 12
  • Small class sizes
  • Strong emphasis on choral programming
  • Educational Assistance (EAs) and after school academic assistance available to all students

EAL Assistance:

  • EAL courses (language acquisition & development) are required for all first year international students
  • TOEFL preparation can be made available when necessary
  • Scheduled individualized assistance is made available to all international students during the academic day

Fine Arts:

  • Strong choral emphasis with award winning choirs
  • Choirs have opportunities to perform at concerts and festivals throughout the school year
  • Full-length musical performances every year involving 70-80% of the student body in both performance & technical production


  • MCI participates in Manitoba high school athletics with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and skill development
  • Competitive involvement is available in the following sports:  soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, baseball & fastpitch, cross-country, and track & field


  • Residence life is a highlight of any MCI student’s high school experience
  • The facility consists of a two-storey boys’ wing (56 students) and two storey girls’ wing (70 students)
  • Leadership team consists of four staff members (two male; two female)
  • Staff provide 24 hour supervision
  • Programming focuses on personal growth and community building
  • Mandatory 90 minute study period each school night (academic assistance often available)
  • Residence closed approximately every third weekend
  • Host family arranged by the school (for closed residence weekends & holidays)

Tuition and Fees

Tuition CDN $11,900.00

Room & Board    

CDN $7,100.00

Total International Student fees

CDN $19,000.00
(Airport transfers, uniforms and mandatory school trips are included as part of the tuition fee)
All international fees are non-refundable

Enrolment Information

All students accepted at MCI should possess a basic working knowledge of English, and should have taken English as part of their studies prior to beginning at our school.  Some language skill assessment will take place upon arrival in order to determine workload and EA assistance, where available.
Applications should be submitted in order to allow sufficient time for study permits to be obtained prior to the beginning of the school year.

An application fee of $50 is required with the application form.

A $2000.00 deposit is due upon receipt of acceptance from the school in order to ensure a place at MCI for the coming year.

Please visit our website ( for details on the application process and application forms.

Contact Information

For more information about the school please feel free to call (204-327-5891) or email ( the school.  And check out our website for more information:
Telephone: +1.204.327.5891

Social Media
YouTube: MCIBlues Channel

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