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University of Winnipeg CollegiateGeneral Offerings

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Key Information


The Collegiate is located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba on the campus of the University of Winnipeg.

Accommodation Options:
Students under the age of 18 and requiring a legal Custodian must stay in The University of Winnipeg Homestay Program. Students 18 or over may stay in our Homestay Program, in the campus residence or in private housing.

Health Insurance Requirement:
University of Winnipeg Collegiate students who have received a study permit of 6 months or longer will qualify for free Manitoba Health Insurance, and will be required to apply upon their arrival. Purchasing extended Health Insurance coverage offered by Guard.Me will also be mandatory.

Student Population:
Between 50 and 100 international students attend The Collegiate annually in effort to prepare for entrance to Universities/Colleges within Canada, the United States, their home country, or elsewhere in the world.

Study Periods:
The Collegiate closely conforms to The University of Winnipeg academic year, providing students with a more adequate preparation for university studies. The schedule allows Grade 12 students who meet the qualifications to take university courses as well as high school courses in the same study session.

There are three study sessions per academic year. Fall/Winter Session runs from September to April, Spring Session runs from May to June, and Summer Session runs from July to August. International students can choose to study at the Collegiate for 8, 10 or 12 months a year.

Institutional Profile

The Collegiate is a university preparatory private high school offering Grades 9 – 12. Collegiate students benefit from small class sizes, university timetabling, term examination periods, dual-credit university courses, faculty tutors, and seamless admission to The University of Winnipeg’s undergraduate programs.

History and Mission

The Collegiate at The University of Winnipeg has its roots in Manitoba College (1871) and Wesley College (1888). When The University of Winnipeg received its charter in 1967, the high school officially become known as The Collegiate at The University of Winnipeg.

The Collegiate tradition is one of academic excellence and accessibility, in an environment of critical thinking and community spirit. Continuing in this worthy tradition, The Collegiate at The University of Winnipeg is committed to offering Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 students high school programs that provide a transition to post-secondary education. The Collegiate philosophy emphasizes the need for students to become mature individuals within an atmosphere of self-generated discipline, where students can discover freedom and its complement, responsibility.

To foster our mission, The Collegiate strives to provide an environment of academic freedom, mutual trust, and support, and on-going professional development for Faculty. In a world of continuing change, Collegiate Faculty strive to engage students in a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for and encourage them to pursue a lifelong love of learning.

We seek to enable our students to reflect upon moral and ethical issues, and to develop their concern for the welfare of others. The Faculty is committed to providing guidance and structure which results in our students’ intellectual, social, and personal development: in short, the education of the total person.

Opportunities Unique to The Collegiate

Dual Credit Courses:
Dual credit courses are introductory first-year university courses for which qualified Grade 12 Collegiate students may enroll. Upon successful completion of a dual credit course, students will receive the designated university credit AND the high school credit for the course.

University Foundation Program:
International students who have earned a high school diploma in their home country but do not meet university entrance requirements can complete the Foundation Program at The Collegiate. Students will complete 5 Grade 12 courses to earn a Manitoba high school diploma, and upon successful completion, students will be eligible to apply to universities/colleges.

Seamless Admission to The University of Winnipeg:
All Collegiate students who meet the entrance requirements for The University of Winnipeg based on Grade 12 interim marks will receive an acceptance offer in January. Seamless students receive their first choice in University course selection and timetable options.

Program Details

Registration and English Language Requirements:
Our unique high school program provides International students segregated English language and social studies instruction at the ‘E’ designated level (EAL), in addition to integrated academic instruction at the ‘S’ (Specialized) designated level. All students are required to take compulsory courses as set by Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning, as well as optional courses that best suit their individual requirements and aspirations.

International students are required to complete an English language assessment upon arrival at The Collegiate prior to registration. The results of the language assessment will assist in facilitating the appropriate grade placement. If The Collegiate assesses that a student’s language level is not sufficient for the student to be successful in his/her studies, we may require that language proficiency be strengthened at The English Language Program on campus prior to commencement of the high school program.

International students are provided with academic guidance from the International Student Advisor to develop a program of studies that will satisfy Manitoba Education requirements and university entrance requirements.

Tuition and Fees 2015-16

A tuition deposit is required prior to receiving an Official Letter of Acceptance.

Application Fee $150.00 CAD
Collegiate Tuition Fee $13,250.00 CAD  
(covers all courses taken in a one – year period /12 months)
Homestay Placement Fee $450.00 CAD
Homestay Fee $675.00 CAD  (per month)
Top-Up Medical Insurance $25.00 CAD  (per month

Contact Information

Students wishing to enroll at The University of Winnipeg Collegiate should visit our website to download our International Student Application.

For further information or assistance with the application process or program information, please contact:

Kristine Khan
International Student Advisor
The University of Winnipeg Collegiate
515 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3J 1T1
Phone: 204.786-9219

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