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Key Information

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Feel at Home on a Compact Campus
Our campus is conveniently located in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, a vibrant, multi-cultural city of 700,000 people, which is close to major Canadian and American cities. Our buildings are interconnected, and our residences are no more than a 5 minute walk away. Professors and staff are eager to help you feel comfortable in your new surroundings, to answer your questions and help you succeed.

The University of Winnipeg's downtown campus offers easy access to the city’s events and attractions. We are within walking distance of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives and the Neil John Maclean Library (Winnipeg's Medical Library); also excellent shopping, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, coffee shops, and art galleries.

Accommodation Options:
Homestay, Campus Residence

This is a host family program for University of Winnipeg students. Homestay is a very special component of the university. Students who choose this option are matched with an English-speaking host family during their stay in Winnipeg. It is an opportunity to share in lively and friendly discussion, learn about and take part in Canadian home life and culture. In addition to an improved level of conversational English, many of our Homestay participants leave Canada with warm memories of new friendships and a wonderful family experience.

The University of Winnipeg has had an active and successful Host Family Program for many years. Host families are screened carefully and selected by a University staff coordinator who stays in close contact with you and your new family for the duration of your stay. You can expect a private room and will likely share a bathroom with the rest of the family. A bed, sheets, blankets, towels, and a study area will be provided for you.

Campus Residence:
McFeetors Hall, our newest building, is a LEED Silver certified building with generous natural lighting and an energy-efficient design located on the Furby-Langside Campus. McFeetors Hall offers modern, air-conditioned dorm-style units with meal plan as well as the option of family housing. McFeetors Hall dorm residents have access to common lounge/kitchen areas and laundry facilities. Available room options include single and double furnished dorms, and a limited number of family oriented unfurnished 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments.

The University of Winnipeg has also renovated a selection of neighbourhood character homes for student living. With richly decorated common areas and back decks for barbecues, the houses appeal to people who enjoy a family-like environment. A total of 32 spots are available during Fall and Winter terms, fewer in Spring/Summer term. Each house has between four and eleven single, furnished rooms with tasteful amenities. Shared kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities are available on-site.

“Residence is great because it unites a diverse group of people from around the world into a unique community, while still allowing each resident to remain an individual, and make their residence experience what they want it to be.”- Harry, from Quellon Colony, Mexico For pricing and more information on housing options, please visit:

Health Insurance Requirement:
As of April 1, 2012 all international students holding a valid Study Permit for an academic program or English language program of a minimum of six months is automatically eligible for basic health coverage provided at no cost to the student by Manitoba Health, the Provincial government ministry responsible for health care in Manitoba.
This health coverage insures international students for the same basic health care coverage afforded to all permanent residents and Canadian citizens resident in Manitoba.

For further information about the Manitoba Health program and about requirements for additional extended health care benefits, or if you will not qualify for the Manitoba Health Care program because your program is less than six months in duration, please visit The University of Winnipeg webpage on international student insurance:

Student Population:
The University of Winnipeg is considered a mid-size university with an Undergraduate student population of approximately 9,500 students. Being under 10,000 students means that our class sizes are nice and small, allowing for a very low student-professor ratio. We have a wonderfully diverse international student population of approximately 500 students in undergraduate programs, and about 500 International English Language Program students.

Study Periods:
Our Undergraduate students can start their studies at the beginning of any of the following terms:
Fall Term – September to December
Winter Term – January to April
Spring Term – May/June

Institutional Profile

The University of Winnipeg has a long tradition of academic excellence. Our graduates consistently rank us in the Top Ten of All Canadian Undergraduate Universities ( Maclean's magazine - November 2010) based on our high quality education, small class sizes, teaching excellence, and affordability. One of Canada's leading newspapers, The Globe and Mail, gives The University of Winnipeg top marks in these areas:

  • Class sizes
  • Quality of education
  • Faculty-student interaction
  • Teaching quality
  • Student satisfaction

You'll appreciate UWinnipeg's affordability. Relatively low tuition costs and the low cost of living in the Province of Manitoba make The University of Winnipeg one of Canada's most economical options. Our students are provided with the opportunity to work on and off-campus, and to apply for a 3-year Post Graduate Work Permit. UW is within walking distance of many government offices, restaurants, retail stores, and businesses, which allows students the opportunity to gain useful work experience.

Xi Chen from China:
“The University of Winnipeg is small and convenient, the people are warm and the professors try hard to help you. There’s a good mix of cultures here and a chance to talk to students from all over the world.

(Xi came to the University as a graduate of Yang Guang Qing high school, one of several schools affiliated with the Province of Manitoba. Visit the Government of Manitoba web site to see a complete list of Affiliated Schools.)

The UWinnipeg campus is continuously growing, bringing students more opportunities with new facilities and buildings for study and research, adding to our downtown community.

The Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex is a beautiful new addition to our downtown campus at 150,000 square feet, it adds 15 per cent to the built facilities of the UWinnipeg campus. A model of green building technology, constructed to a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Standard, it is one of the most energy efficient educational laboratory buildings in North America as it uses approximately half the energy of a conventional building. The new facility consists of more than 30 research and teaching labs, including a vivarium, a 1,127 square foot rooftop greenhouse, and a live bat cave. The new facility houses our existing outstanding research endeavours and attracts other top scholars to the university both as UWinnipeg colleagues and collaborators from other institutions. Key areas of specialty are: the global north, climate change, water stewardship, inner-city issues and research and public policy initiatives associated with sustainability.
Specialty teaching and research labs in the new Science Complex include:

  • Animal Physiology
  • Water Quality and Health
  • Freshwater Ecology
  • Cell Biology
  • Plant Biology and Parasitology
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology, Histology, Chordate Zoology
  • Ecology and Evolution of Animal Behaviour
  • Aquatic Physiology and the Environment
  • Trace-Metal Contaminants
  • Vector Ecology and Control Training and Research
  • Natural Products Antibiotic Discovery
  • Comparative Genomics and Systems
  • Plant Evolutionary Ecology
  • Mammalian Ecology and Conservation

Nicholas Yee from Malaysia:
“I would highly recommend the U of W. It’s affordable, not too big and you receive an excellent education from professors of the highest quality. The professors are passionate about what they do and happy to help you.”

English Language Program (ELP):
The University of Winnipeg English Language Program is located in the centre of Canada at one of the country’s top undergraduate universities – The University of Winnipeg.

We offer quality classes that are educational, exciting, and affordable. Certified by Languages Canada and a member of the Manitoba Council for International Education (MCIE), The University of Winnipeg is an authorized CanTEST and TOEIC provider.

The University of Winnipeg English Language Program provides:

  • University campus and Central Business District location
  • Certified teachers and professional staff
  • Variety of programs and entrance dates
  • Socio-cultural activities
  • Friendly homestay families
  • Language Partner Program

The International Student Office:
The International Student Office (ISO) provides a wide range of services and hosts a variety of fun events and informative workshops for current students throughout the year. Contact the International Student Office.

Academic advising is available to international students through International Student Services office. We are available to help you understand the regulations and requirements of Arts, Science, and Business and Economics degrees, explain policies and procedures, and assist you with the application and registration process.

Work Permits:
The International Student Services office processes off-campus work permits for international students. For more information, see the Employment section of our website.

Cultural and Social Activities:
Many activities are organized for International Students, including ice-skating, skiing, hockey games, festivals, and more! Activities will be posted on the web, in our newsletter, and on our facebook group page (The University of Winnipeg International Student Office). So check back, sign up, and sign in!

Arriving in Winnipeg - Airport Pickup:
As part of the International Student Office Airport Reception Program, we can meet you at the airport and arrange to transport you to your residence in Winnipeg.

Scholarships and Bursaries:
The University of Winnipeg offers both a high quality education and affordable tuition/fees. The cost of living in Winnipeg is also lower than most other Canadian centres. International students are eligible for some entrance scholarships based on excellent academic standing. You will be automatically considered if you apply for FALL admission by March 1.
Our Special Entrance Scholarships for students who are graduating High School the year they apply to UWinnipeg are valued at $800 - $2,250 for a starting average of 80%. For complete information on scholarship opportunities go to

The Alumni Family Entrance Scholarship is awarded on the basis of high school credits earned outside of Winnipeg. In order to be considered for this award, you must have a parent or grandparent who is an alumnus of The University of Winnipeg, United or Wesley College. If you believe that you qualify, contact the Alumni Office for more information at

After completing one year (two terms) at The University of Winnipeg, international students can apply for a wide range of undergraduate awards and scholarships for continuing students.

International students who have completed at least one term of study and who have demonstrated financial need may apply to the “International Student Bursary Program” for financial assistance. Please contact the Awards and Financial Aid Office for more information and the appropriate forms by emailing

Program Details

UW offers international students a high quality, affordable education in a welcoming atmosphere. There are three different entry pathways, all of which lead to a university degree in your area of interest:

1: If you are fluent in English, hold a high school equivalent certificate and are ready to pursue degree studies... will be interested in our undergraduate degree programs in Arts, Science, or Business and Economics.  The University offers more than 800 courses in 40 subject areas, in everything from Business and Administration to Applied Computer Science, Economics and Chemistry.

2: If you have the academic qualifications to start University, but need to improve your English...

...the place to start is the University’s English Language Program (ELP). Depending on your country of origin, and if you are academically admissible to an undergraduate program, graduate program, or to programs in the Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) division, then you may be eligible to apply for “Conditional Status” at the University of Winnipeg. Conditional status confers admission to the academic program of choice, conditional on the successful completion of the highest level of the English Language Program (Academic Level 5).

If you need to upgrade your high school academic qualifications... can attend one of the only high schools within a university in Canada – The Collegiate at The University of Winnipeg. A wide range of courses, including English, Mathematics and the sciences, is available at three high school levels: Grades 10, 11, 12. A diploma from The Collegiate qualifies you for entrance into any university in Canada. You may be eligible to take high school courses and University courses at the same time. 

The University of Winnipeg offers the following undergraduate degree programs for International students:

Bachelor’s of Arts Degree Programs:
Conflict Resolution Studies
Criminal Justice
Developmental Studies
Disability Studies
East Asian Languages & Cultures
Environmental Studies
Flexible Major Program
French Studies
German Studies
German-Canadian Studies
History of Art
Human Rights & Global Studies
Indigenous Studies
Interdisciplinary Linguistics
International Development Studies
Kinesiology & Applied Health
Mennonite Studies
Religion & Culture
Rhetoric, Writing, & Communications
Spanish Studies
Theatre & Film
Theatre & Film: Dance Stream
Urban & Inner City Studies
Women & Gender Studies

Bachelor’s of Business Administration Degree Programs:
Business & Administration
Economics & Finance

Bachelor’s of Education Degree Programs:

Bachelor’s of Science Degree Programs:
Applied Computer Science
Environmental Studies
Kinesiology & Applied Heath
Psychiatric Nursing (with Brandon University)

Pre-Professional Programs:
Pre-Dental Hygiene
Pre-Medical Rehabilitation: Physical Therapy
Pre-Medical Rehabilitation: Respiratory Therapy
Pre-Medical Technology
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Social Work
Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Applied & Joint Programs (offered with Red River College):
Aboriginal Governance /
Self Government Administration
Applied Biology
Applied Chemistry
Applied Environmental Studies
Applied Child Development & Child Care /
Early Childhood Education
Disability Studies
Geographic Information Systems
Joint Business Administration
Joint Communications

For more information view our fact sheets online at:

Professional and Applied Continuing Education (PACE) – Certificate and Diploma programs:
UWinnipeg PACE is a dynamic and flexible option offering full-time non-degree programs, off-campus programs in partnership with other organizations, and programs that provide a pathway to University degree studies. Some courses you complete in a certificate or diploma program at PACE may be eligible for transfer credit towards a University of Winnipeg degree. One of the most important new areas of development is programs for international students.

PACE programs for International students:

For more information about each program and the registration process, please visit:

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs:
The University of Winnipeg recognizes the hard work required for students to be successful in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses by offering additional opportunities to those students. There are four areas in which the university will consider AP and IB courses that meet minimum grade requirements:

  • Entrance Requirements
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Scholarships
  • University Credit

It is recommended that students request to have their official mark results submitted to The University of Winnipeg Admissions office from the College Board or the IBO if they are considering attending the university. These results are required to be considered for admission, scholarships, and university credit, but their submission does not commit the student to accept any of the offerings that may come to them.

For more information about advanced standing for IB and AP credits and scholarships please visit:

Tuition and Fees

Estimated Tuition & Related Student Fees for 2011 - 2012 (Amounts are based on maximum full-course load of 30 credit hours over 2 academic terms for 2011 - 2012 academic year):

Fall Term: September – December
Winter Term:  January – April.
(maximum course load 15 credit hours per academic term; 30 credits per academic year)
Application fee: $100.00 (as of 2011-12)

Arts tuition: ($2,223.42 per 6 credit hour course): $11,117.10
Science tuition: ($2,563.92 per 6 credit hour course): $12,819.60
Registration fees: ($26.40 per 6 credit hour course): $132.00
Ancillary student fee: ($26.40 per 6 credit hour course): $132.00
Facilities fee: $106.05
University of Winnipeg Students’ Association fees: $271.57

Estimated Living Expenses for an academic year (eight months) for an Individual Student:

Medical Health Insurance*: $ 481.00
Accommodations (residence or shared two-bedroom apartment at $900/month): $3,600.00
Food (Mandatory Meal plan living in Residence): $1500.00
Books (new) & supplies ($338 per 6 credit hour course): $1,690.00
Bus pass ($60.10): $481.00
Clothing: $1,000.00
Miscellaneous ($245/month): $1,960.00

*All students are required to purchase health insurance through the University.
Also note: Airfare is not included in any of these estimates.

Enrolment Information

Application deadlines are generally three months before the start of classes to enable you time to obtain a Study Permit and other necessary documents. Please note if you are applying from within Canada, you must submit a copy of your current Study Permit. International students can begin their studies in September, January, or May. 

Application fee: $100

Students are required to prove English Language Proficiency by meeting one of our test requirements, or waivers:

For more information about how to apply and to access our online application form, please check here:

Please note that The University of Winnipeg is partnered worldwide with the Canadian University Application Centre ( The Canadian University Application Centre (CUAC) has office locations in many countries and is the official representative of The University of Winnipeg in those countries. CUAC and provides a first point of contact for prospective students and plays a role in collecting and assessing application information and required documents.

Contact Information

The University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA
R3B 2E9

Telephone contacts:

International Admissions

The Collegiate (High school: Grades 10, 11, 12)

English Language Program

Housing & Student Life

Online resources:

The University of Winnipeg main website:
Canadian University Application Centre

Social media:

Twitter: @uwinnipeg
YouTube: The University of Winnipeg Channel

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