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Properties for Sale

Manitoba Petroleum Branch is pleased to offer a free voluntary service to assist companies in marketing oil and gas properties held in Manitoba. Companies interested in taking advantage of this service are requested to complete the submission form. Prospects submitted to the Branch for inclusion on this page will be maintained on the page for a maximum of six months or until the submitter advises the Branch. Further information found below.

Properties Available:

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Property Name

Date Posted


April 28, 2016

NW-32-12-29 WPM

Nov 8, 2013

NE-17-06-26 and S 1/2-20-06-26

Nov 8, 2013

NE-26-33-23 WPM

Nov 8, 2013

S1/2 16-14-29 W1M

Nov 8, 2013

NW 1/4 13-16-23 WPM
S 1/2 of NE 1/4 13-16-23 WPM

Manitoba Petroleum Branch does not in any way endorse or warrant any of the information provided and the Branch accepts no liability for any transactions that may or may not occur between parties as a result of listing on this page.

Please direct serious inquiries only to contact persons.

The descriptions were entered as submitted except for some of the illustrative material which could not easily be reproduced for the web site. The correctness of data contained in these descriptions is, in all cases, the sole responsibility of the property(s) holder. The Province of Manitoba does not sanction or validate information contained within this listing of property descriptions.

For further information contact Christine Steele, Internet Coordinator, Petroleum Branch at:

Phone: (204) 748-4264

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