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Growth, Enterprise and Trade


Acts and Regulations

Oil and Gas Act
Oil and Gas Production Tax Act
Oil and Gas Lease Agent Regulation (pdf)
Crown Disposition Regulation (pdf)
Geophysical Regulation (pdf)
Drilling & Production Regulation (pdf)
Oil & Gas Production Tax Act Regulation (pdf)
Crown Royalty & Incentives Regulation (pdf)
Manitoba Petroleum Fiscal Regime - Drilling Incentive Program (pdf)
Annual Report - Abandonment Fund Reserve Account - 2013 (pdf)

Core Information

Core Descriptions
Core Analysis Reports (pdf)
Non-confidential Sample Cuttings (pdf)

Field and Pool Information

Designated Field and Pool Booklet (pdf)
Pool Location Map (pdf)


Application and Registration Forms
Rehabilitation and Certificate of Abandonment Forms
Geophysical Forms
Production, Crown Royalty and Freehold Tax Forms
Crown Oil and Gas Land Administration Forms

Geological Reports

Mesozoic DST and Oil and Gas Shows, Pierre Shale to Amaranth (pdf) 136 KB
Mississippian DST and Oil & Gas Shows  (pdf) 338KB
Lower Paleozoic Drill Stem Tests and Oil & Gas Shows, Three Forks to
(pdf) 197 KB
Sinclair Bakken-Three Forks Development Overview (pdf) 481 KB
Petroleum Geology of the Devonian Three Forks Formation, Sinclair Field and
Surrounding Area, Southwestern Manitoba
  (pdf) 2374 KB

The Cenomanian-Santonian Colorado Formations of Eastern Southern Saskatchewan and Southwestern Manitoba (pdf) 2188 KB

Stratigraphic Column

Paper presented at the 15th Williston Basin Petroleum Conference and Propect Expot
April 29-May 4, 2007 Regina SK
Nicolas, M.P.B., 2007, The Devonian Three Forks Formation: Manitoba's Newest Oil Play.


Sinclair Field Map (pdf)
Well Location Map #7 (pdf) Twp 1-22, Rge 19-29
Well Location Map (pdf) Twp 1-45, Rge 01 E1
Crown Oil and Gas Rights Map (pdf)
Pool Location Map (pdf)
Sinclair Bakken-Three Forks Development Overview

Seismic Base Maps
Stratigraphic Maps
Other Geological Maps

Also visit our GIS Map Gallery for our Petroleum GIS Map.

Production Reports

Oil Activity Review (pdf)

Oil and Gas Units Booklet (pdf)

Oil Facts (pdf)

Off Confidential Dates (pdf)

UWI Key List (pdf)

Weekly Well Activity Report

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