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Streams 1 & 2

1. How does the new CSB program differ from the past program? There are seven major changes associated with the new version of CSB.
  • Accessibility
    • Reduction in the number of streams from seven to four
    • Applicants do not need to be incorporated to apply for Steam 1 (Product Development)
    • Applications are now done online
  • Response Time to Applications
    • For those applying under Stream 1 (Product Development) and Stream 3 (Market Development), a response will be provided within 21 business days, 90% of the time.
  • Contact Points
    • The Financial Services Branch of Jobs and the Economy will be the applicants sole contact point for once an application is in process. 
  • Funding Levels
    • Funding levels have been increased to better reflect the needs of the entrepreneur/venture at key points in its development.
    • Stream 1 - $50,000 maximum
    • Stream 2 - $250,000 maximum
    • Stream 3 - $30,000 maximum
    • Ventures are limited to a $250,000 lifetime limit under CSB.
  • Outcome Based
    • Funding decisions are based on the proposed outcome of a project.
  • Limitation on in-kind contributions
    • The 10% limitation has been removed.
  • Pathway to Success
    • The new CSB program is designed to help entrepreneurs and ventures move through the seed and start-up stages of development.

2. What is the maximum provincial support available under the program? The maximum support available is $250,000 over the lifetime of the venture.

3. Are in-house labour expenses allowed under the new program? Yes, they are considered the same as other labour expenses.

4. Can I use the CSB in concert with other provincial programs Yes, however companies which qualify for assistance under other Manitoba financial assistance programs are required to apply under those programs first.

5. Are there stacking guidelines for the program? Total support from the Province including grants, such as CSB, or tax credits provided to the venture cannot exceed 50% of the venture’s total funding.

6. How long will it take to receive approval of Stream 1 or 2 applications? Stream 1 – 21 business days, 90% of the time Stream 2 – This is dependent on the funding level requested and the corresponding amount of due diligence required.

7. How do applicants demonstrate that the concept is feasible when applying for Stream 1? To prove feasibility of the market, the entrepreneur\management team should make extensive use of secondary research about the market from standard industry publications and analyst reports.  These are typically available from the major brokerage houses and major players in the overall market.  This research can also involve industry specific reports prepared by third party consulting firms that are available for sale.  Primary research using a convenience sample of identified potential customers can also be used especially if the underlying concept is based on the work experience of the lead entrepreneur.  Applicants should refer to the Market Validation guidelines for more detail.

8. Under Stream 2, who will determine if I am a “scalable venture”? How will this be determined/what will their assessment criteria be? Decisions on whether a venture is scalable will be made by the Department based on input from the Advisory Council.  This Council will consist of both experienced investors and entrepreneurs/managers experienced in dealing with external investors. As a guideline the Council will use the definition of a scalable business. This definition is based on input from over 20 investors from across North America and applies to the priority sectors identified by the Province.

9. What happens if my venture is not determined to be scalable? Ventures identified by the Advisory Council as ‘not scalable’ will either be provided with advice on ways to become scalable or on organizations in the province that are available to help them continue their development. Ventures identified as not scalable or where the entrepreneur/management opt not to pursue a scalable course are not eligible for funding under Stream 2.

10. Is there an opportunity to appeal the decision of the Advisory Committee?  No; however for the purposes of transparency, the company will be provided with feedback as described above. 

11. Are all provincial contributions non-repayable? Under Stream 2 (Commercialization) the Department reserves the right to require repayment of the support provided.  The terms of this repayment including the milestones required for the venture to reach and the specific repayment terms will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and included in the contribution agreement.

12. If I have applied previously under CSB, can I apply again under the new program? Yes, previous CSB users as well as first time users are eligible for the $250,000 maximum. 

13. If I have a project still underway under the old CSB, can I still apply to the new program? Previous users will be required to complete projects funded under the previous version before being able to access funding under the new program. 

14. Does the 5 year reporting requirement and the associated provision of annual T4s apply regardless of the amount of funding received under the program? Yes.

15. Where do I apply and who do I contact for more information?

For further information, please contact:

Adam Munia
Manitoba Growth, Enterpise & Trade 204-945-1453 For program details, please refer to the website:

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