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Download the World Center for Cold Weather Testing Brochure. Manitoba Canada, If it works here, it can work anywhere!
World Center for Cold
Weather Testing Brochure
Diverse, Energetic & Dynamic Brochure
Manitoba: Diverse, Dynamic & Energetic
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Industry Consulting Services works with companies and industry support organizations primarily in the manufacturing sector.  The Branch supports the business development needs of existing Manitoba businesses as well as companies considering investment in Manitoba. 

General Reception: 204-945-2475 Fax: 204-945-3977

Key Contacts:

David Sprange, Senior Manager
Tel: 204-945-7938

Robert Manson, Senior Project Manager, Aerospace
Tel: 204-945-8741

Nestor Dudych, Senior Project Manager, Ground Transportation

Donna Roberecki, Senior Project Manager Tel: 204-945-1451

Andrea Bjorklund, Project Manager Tel: 204-945-2473

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