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Financial Programs

Cooperatives may benefit from different financial programs and specific ones which include the following programs:

Cooperative Community Strategy (CCS) Research Grant Application (doc)

The Grant aims to stimulate, broaden and sustain the development of a socially and economically successful Manitoba cooperative community. A larger stronger and more influential cooperative community will yield significant benefits and outcomes. This program supports research projects that broadly affect Manitoba's Cooperative community within the outlined Strategic Objectives:

  • Environment – Create a more supportive policy environment
  • Promotion & Education – Better awareness and understanding of Cooperatives
  • Development – Improving infrastructure supports and services for Cooperatives

Research projects must address one or more of these strategic objectives. Further information can be found in the Cooperative Community Strategy (PDF) and the Manitoba Cooperative Community - Phase 2 - 2014-2019 - Strategic Plan (PDF).

Supporting documents:

The Cooperative Loan and Loan Guarantee Board

This Board has the ability to provide loans guarantees to co-ops in Manitoba to enable them to secure the financial services necessary to develop or expand a viable co-op enterprise.

Community and Business Development (REDI)

Rural Economic Development Initiative provides up to 50% cost shared funding to hire an independent consultant to assist a new or expanding rural Manitoba enterprise do financial analysis, market analysis, engineering studies, business plan preparation and ISO certification.

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA)

This is a Federal Government Program that provides loans up to $3 million for agricultural Cooperatives with the Minister's approval.

Neighbourhoods Alive

Neighbourhoods Alive! provides financial support to encourage revitalization in designated neighbourhoods for housing and physical improvements, employment and training, education and training and safety and crime prevention. Co-ops are eligible to seek funding.

Community Enterprise Development (CED) Tax Credit Program

Jubilee fund

* Other financial programs available through the World Trade Centre or at Entrepreneurship Manitoba

A Federal / Provincial joint service, the center and its satellite offices provide a wealth of information on financial and other services provided by all levels of government and non government organizations.

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