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Cooperatives Management

The Cooperatives models vary according to the member organization to achieve their goals and business needs. The majority of Cooperatives start small regardless of the size of the Cooperative to achieve their goals while the business is running.

 We identify three kinds of management and usually relate to the size of the Cooperative, primary or association management, secondary or mix management and tertiary or business management.

  • Association / Primary Management (PDF): in this case the Cooperative is managed only by the members through the board of directors.
  • Mix / Secondary Management (PDF): is the most common type of management where the Board of Directors hires and supervises the staff management, in this case the governance structure will expand to a manual of procedure into the business and relate to the by-laws of the association.
  • Business Management (PDF): it's seen within worker co-op where the employees are members, so the governance structure will concentrate on different element to a business purpose and it's the hardest management that the Cooperatives occur being a boss and an employee.

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