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Employment and Income Assistance

EIA Administrative Manual

For more information on each section please see the Table of Contents.

Introduction: How to Use The Manual
Inquiries About The Manual
Service and Office Locations
  • Section 1. The Manitoba Assistance Act: C.C.S.M. c. E98
  • Section 2. Employment and Income Assistance Regulation
  • Section 3: Income Assistance for Certain Persons 65 Years Old and Over Regulation Regulation (pdf)
  • Section 4: Manitoba Child Benefit Regulation (pdf)
  • Section 5.1: Income Supplement for Persons Not Eligible for Old Age Security Benefits, (55 PLUS) Regulation (pdf)
  • Section 5.2: Income Supplement for Persons Eligible for Old Age Security Benefits, (55 PLUS) Regulation (pdf)

Section 6 Granting Assistance (sub sections: 6.1 to 6.13)
Section 7 Persons With Disabilities
Section 8 Assistance to Single Parents and Children
Section 9 Special Cases (Including Minors) and Crisis Intervention Facilities
Section 10 Assistance to Children 5(1)(f)
Section 11 General Assistance
Section 12 Aged; Blind and Persons With Disabilities; Assistance to Children with Mental Disabilities
Section 13 Treaty Indians, Non-Indians on Reserves, Immigrants, Religious Orders, Persons on Legal Strike
Section 14 Assets
Section 15 Unearned Income
Section 16 Earned Income
Section 17 Self-Employment Income
Section 18 Basic Assistance
Section 19 Shelter, Utilities and Fuel
Section 20 Board and Room Allowances
Section 21 Special Needs
Section 22 Health Needs
Section 23 Funerals
Section 24 Liens and Recoveries

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