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Employment and Income Assistance

Rent Assist

Description Rent Assist is a financial benefit for people who receive Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) and have housing costs to cover. It is also available to other low-income private renters.

Rent Assist can help people move successfully into training and jobs. By combining shelter benefits inside and outside of EIA, the benefit program is simpler, and moves with people as their situations change. 

Coverage Rent Assist helps two groups of Manitobans who may need help with their housing costs.

1. Manitobans receiving EIA will receive Rent Assist if they have housing costs. Rent Assist will be included with monthly EIA payments. 

The amount of the Rent Assist benefit for people receiving EIA will be based on things like:
  • rental costs
  • mortgage payments, taxes and other fees for those who  own their own home
  • the number of people in the family
  •  if the family lives in Manitoba Housing, has other subsidized housing benefits or is paying rent in unsubsidized housing  
  • whether utility costs (ex: heat, electricity, water) are included in the rent 
2. Rent Assist can also help with the cost of rent for low-income Manitobans who are renting or paying room and board in unsubsidized housing.

The amount paid from Rent Assist will depend on the number of people in the household and the total household income.

Eligibility Manitobans not receiving EIA benefits may apply for Rent Assist if they:
  • pay rent or room and board for unsubsidized housing
  • have an annual net household income of less than $24,528 for a single person, $28,464 for two persons, $36,384 for three or four persons, or $40,608 for five or more persons. 
  • have dependent children in the home and have a household income of less than $36,384 for two to four persons, or $40,608 for five or more persons. 
  • are a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident of Canada. 

Manitobans may not apply for non-EIA Rent Assist if:

  • they rent their home from Manitoba Housing
  • they, or the unit they live in, gets any other kind of housing benefit or subsidy
  • they live on a First Nations reserve
  • they live in a nursing home, hospital or residential care facility
  • they live in student housing 
  • they are a member of a religious order, living in an accommodation that is provided to members.

The Rent Assist Estimator can also help households see if they may have eligibility for Rent Assist.

Applying To apply for non-EIA Rent Assist, you can download an application form, or call Provincial Services at 204-945-2197 in Winnipeg; 1-877-587-6224 toll free; or TTY 204-948-3698 to have an application form mailed to you. 
If you apply for EIA benefits, your eligibility for Rent Assist will also be assessed.  To apply for EIA, call 204-948-4000 in Winnipeg; toll free at 1-877-812-0014; or

1-800-855-0511 (Manitoba Relay Service). To find an office near you, go to the website. In Winnipeg:; outside Winnipeg:

Area served Manitoba
Hours 08:30AM – 04:30PM, Monday to Friday
Languages English and French
Access Wheelchair accessible
Organization Government
Telephone Non-EIA Rent Assist
Winnipeg: 204-945-2197
Toll Free: 1-877-812-0014

EIA Rent Assist:
Click for Winnipeg offices. Click for Rural offices. After-Hours (emergency only):
Winnipeg: 204-945-0183
Toll Free : 1-866-559-6778
TTY 1-800-855-0511 (Manitoba Relay Service).
Email EIA Rent Assist:
Non-EIA Rent Assist:
Address EIA Rent Assist
Winnipeg Service Locations or Rural and Northern Service Locations

Non-EIA Rent Assist Provincial Services
Manitoba Family Services
102 - 114 Garry Street
Winnipeg MB R3C 1G1

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