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Supports Available for Entrepreneurs for Business Planning

A business plan is a tool used to communicate information about your business concept, company management, marketing strategy, financial needs, and operations. It aids your business in setting goals, assessing performance, keeping focused, obtaining financing from lenders and investors, and to identify risks and opportunities. New and existing businesses are always encouraged to complete or be very involved in the preparation of their business plans. The following list suggests several organizations providing business planning supports through different channels:

  1. Entrepreneurship Manitoba -  provides a suite of services for businesses and entrepreneurs, including: company registration (business name registration, corporate registration, business number assignment), business information and referral services, business advisory services, business plan reviews, financial programs for business, business skills training, and online services for business.

  2. Growing Opportunities (GO) Offices/Centres
    • Business Development Specialists – located in more than 40 rural GO Offices/Centres, provide one-on-one business planning and development advisory services to clients looking to start or expand their business.

  3. Manitoba Business Gateways

    • Information Specialists – provide business planning and information services and referrals by phone, in-person, and via e-mail.

  4. Canada Business
    • Canada Business – provides online support services including how to write a business plan, business plan templates and samples and FAQs can be found at this link:

  5. Community Futures Manitoba
    • Community Futures Offices – operate across rural and Northern Manitoba to strengthen rural economies by enabling entrepreneurship and assisting in community economic development.
      • One-to-One Business Consultation:  including meeting with you to discuss your business needs.
      • Business Plan Development: assists you in creating your business plan.
      • Business Resources: directs you to available resources and business training with its offices or in the community.

  6. Other Business Supports

    For many other business supports, please visit the Manitoba Business Portal at this link:

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