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Highlights of the 2014 KPMG Competitive Alternatives Study

The KPMG Competitive Alternatives study is a comprehensive comparison of business costs in 10 countries. The study compares the after-tax cost of startup and operation in each of 17 selected industries, by indexing business costs to the average for the United States (i.e. US average = 100.0). A cost index below 100.0 for an individual location indicates lower costs than the US average, while an index greater than 100.0 indicates higher costs than the US average.

Among the G-7 nations, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands are the overall cost leaders, with Canada having a cost advantage of 7.2% relative to the USA.  Total labor costs are among the lowest in Canada, second only to Mexico. 

Winnipeg’s ranked first for such industries as aerospace manufacturing and clinical trials within the 22 North American Midwestern cities studied.:

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