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Government: Employment Regulations

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Employment Standards Branch -- administers laws on minimum wages, hours of work, holidays and other workplace benefits. Specific acts and regulations administered by the branch include:

  • The Employment Standards Code
  • The Remembrance Day Act
  • The Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Act
  • The Employment Services Act
  • The Construction Industry Wages Act
  • The Employment Standards Regulation
  • The Employment Standards Code Amendment Act
  • Construction Industry Minimum Wage Regulation and its Amendments
  • The Worker Recruitment and Protection Act and its Regulation

Statutory Benefits -- These include the Canada Pension Plan program and the Employment Insurance, which are administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Labour Relations Act -- The Manitoba Labour Board is the specialist tribunal responsible for administration and adjudication of matters respecting labour relations. It is responsible for adjudication of applications filed pursuant to The Labour Relations Act, including applications for union certification.

Workplace Safety and Health Act -- The Workplace Safety and Health Act protects workers, self-employed persons and others from risks to their safety, health and welfare arising out of, or in connection with, activities in their workplaces. The Act and its associated regulations are administered by the Workplace Safety and Health Division of Manitoba Labour and Immigration. The Division emphasizes a preventive focus to eliminate workplace and public hazards through education, training, working with employers and employees, and inspections and investigations.

Selected information related to the above topics is available in the Workforce section of the Manitoba Business Facts.

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