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Government: Financial Assistance Programs

There are a number of financial assistance programs available to Manitoba businesses, which range from start-up assistance for small businesses to substantial financial leveraging to help attract jobs and investment into Manitoba. These programs may be accessed through Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, or through Manitoba Innovation, Energy and Mines. The Mineral Resources division of the latter department also administers a number of programs that are specifically directed to the mining sector in Manitoba.

For information on available programs, please follow the links below:

In 2012, Manitoba introduced a new Commercialization Support for Business Program to help entrepreneurs and businesses with every stage in the business lifecycle. Entrepreneurs can get support to create new ideas, products, services, processes, markets and jobs in all sectors and regions of the province.

Financial Services Branch – For information on capital for established businesses, high-growth businesses, and small businesses.

Mineral Resources Division -- For information on assistance programs for mining exploration and prospecting, and for mining related tax incentives.

The Small Business Development Branch of Manitoba Growth, Entrepreneurship and Trade also maintains a database of financial assistance programs for business offered by the federal and provincial governments and certain non-governmental organizations. It can be accessed at the following link: Financial Programs.

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