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Overviews: What people are saying about Manitoba's Economy

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“Manitoba’s economy will also be supported by growth in non-residential construction, as a number of key infrastructure projects are on tap, including those related to new hydro development, transmission lines, and pipelines, as well as a number of commercial projects in Winnipeg.” TD Economics, September 2016

Manitoba offers a superb opportunity for companies to draw on a talent pool that is world class.    Dr. Angus Reid, Ipsos-Reid

“With real GDP set to expand above the national average this year, Manitoba will continue to be a reliable source of growth in Canada.  Services will see healthy increases as Manitobans are on a spending spree due to strong employment and wage gains from recent years.” Conference Board of Canada, Provincial Outlook: Spring 2016

“Manitoba manufacturing activity is projected to accelerate sharply over the forecast period reflecting a lower Canadian dollar and steady U.S. demand. Already positive momentum is building in the transportation equipment and chemical manufacturing industries. Export receipts in these industries are also trending higher. These industries are likely to exhibit further strength over the 2015-16 period...” TD Economics, April 2015

“Private-sector services will receive a boost when a new data centre is opened near Winnipeg this February. Factors favouring the Manitoba location include a colder climate to cool computer servers and non-residential power rates that are among the lowest in the country.”. Scotiabank, February 2014

"First, we must praise the often overlooked, but now rising star on the regional labour-force map -- Manitoba," BMO Capital Markets April 2015

"Employment growth led the country in March at a very strong 3.1...the best pace the province has seen in 13 years amid broad-based hiring ... at 5.4% in March, the jobless rate is now second lowest in the country". BMO Capital Markets, May 2015

"Manitoba offers a superb opportunity for companies to draw on a talent pool that is world class".  Dr. Angus Reid, Ipsos-Reid

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