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Quality of Life: Leisure Activities

Northern Lights

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Manitobans enjoy a wide selection of leisure and sports activities. These include diverse cultural experiences, sports events and activities, and unlimited access to the sparkling lakes and unspoiled wilderness of our numerous parks.

Situated only one hour from one of the top ten beaches in North America, Winnipeg, the capital, welcomes you with the best in big city attractions: art galleries and museums; performing arts and professional sports; and numerous recreational activities to suit every interest and skill level.

Folklarama performanceFestivals are a part of life in Manitoba, and the annual lineup includes Folklorama, the world's largest cultural festival; Festival du Voyageur, a celebration of Manitoba's French-Canadian heritage; and a myriad of other music, drama, comedy and community festivals.

Ship viewable at the Manitoba museumIf you love the outdoors, come experience wilderness adventure in our 2.5 million acres of parklands, where you will find abundant game and top quality vacation resorts. Cast a line into any of our 100,000 pristine fish-filled lakes. Pitch your tent amid towering trees. See moose, deer, beavers and waterfowl in their natural habitat.

For the true adventurer, Manitoba's northland is as untamed and exciting as any safari. Discover remote fishing lodges, acres of untouched wilderness and miles of rugged tundra. On the shores of majestic Hudson Bay, visit Churchill - Canada's only sub-arctic seaport - and see polar bears, beluga whales and the spectacular northern lights.

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