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Research & Development

Research and development in Manitoba is conducted by government agencies, by universities, and by private firms, often working jointly. In total, the provincial R&D infrastructure represents a collegial network of expertise linked through formal professional associations and informal groups. Manitoba’s growing base of research-related activity has given the province an increasing international profile in agriculture and health biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical and diagnostic devices and industrial research.

The tax environment in Manitoba encourages industry to continuously develop new and innovative products and processes. Programs like the Manitoba Research and Development Tax Credit and the federal Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit provide Manitoba companies with considerable leverage for their R&D investments. Studies by the Conference Board of Canada comparing the R&D tax incentives among the world’s industrialized countries have repeatedly found that combined federal and provincial R&D tax incentives in Canada are the “most generous and stable offerings in the industrialized world.”

National Microbiology Laboratory building in Winnipeg

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