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Sites: Winnipeg Industrial Zoning

Industrial Parks in Manitoba

Winnipeg’s industrial areas and parks are zoned to accommodate various types of business from multi-tenant and warehousing to manufacturing. A number of the industrial parks also have vacant land available for purchase or lease which is appropriately zoned and serviced to meet future development requirements. The various types of zoning in these industrial areas are defined as follows:

Manufacturing Mixed Use (MMU)
The Manufacturing Mixed Use (MMU) district is intended to provide linked commercial and industrial activities that are supportive of industrial functions and are compatible with surrounding industrial use areas, while allowing more flexibility of uses and requiring a higher standard of landscaping and design. Uses may include offices, wholesale and business service establishments, campus-style industrial or business parks, and limited retail/personal service storefronts. Supportive retail development, not including offices, would be allowed to a maximum of 35% of site area including any land needed by the supportive retail to satisfy parking requirements, yards/setbacks and development and design standards (e.g., landscaping). During build out, supportive retail shall not exceed 50% of built site area.

Manufacturing Light (M1)
The Manufacturing Light (M1) district is intended to provide for light manufacturing, processing, service, storage, wholesale, and distribution operations with all operations contained within an enclosed building with some limited outside storage.

Manufacturing General (M2)
The Manufacturing General (M2) district is intended to provide for light manufacturing, processing, service, storage, wholesale, and distribution operations, with some limited outside operations and storage.

Manufacturing Heavy (M3)
The Manufacturing Heavy (M3) district is intended to provide for light or heavy industrial development, including heavy manufacturing, storage, major freight terminals, waste and salvage, resource extraction, processing, transportation, major utilities, and other related uses, particularly those that require very large buildings, frequent heavy truck traffic for supplies or shipments, or that may require substantial mitigation to avoid sound, noise, and odour impacts to neighbouring properties.

For additional information, please visit the City of Winnipeg Department of Planning, Property & Development

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