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Utilities: Broadband and Wireless

TowerTelecommunications Providers

Broadband services are available to the majority of Manitobans, including fibre deployment to most major office buildings and industrial parks in the province. Manitoba has one of the world’s most advanced fibre optic networking and digital switching platforms, with 100% digital switching throughout the province and over 200 switches to support the network grid - the third largest concentration in Canada.

Broadband providers include MTS Allstream Inc.(MTS), Shaw Communications, Westman Communications Group, Telesat, and Manitoba Hydro Telecom. MTS Allstream is the dominant provider and has an extensive broadband network infrastructure that connects all major communities in Manitoba. MTS has three fibre rings in Winnipeg and one in Brandon, and 100% digital switching throughout the province. Its network provides access to high-speed Internet to 85% of Manitoba households, making Manitoba one of the most broadband-enabled provinces in the country.

MTS launched a 3G wireless network in Winnipeg and Brandon in 2006, and has recently launched a new, 4G wireless network, which provides high-speed data speeds of up to 21 Mbps. The new 4G network is available to 97 per cent of Manitobans and provides customers with extensive and reliable coverage and lightning fast data speeds.

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