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Utilities: Abundant Hydro-Electric Capacity

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Source: Manitoba Hydro:

Manitoba generates power in excess of the province's current needs.  In the 2013–14 fiscal year, sales of electricity to other Canadian provinces and the United States amounted to $439 million.

(number of stations indicated in brackets)
MW – megawatts
Winnipeg River (6)
578 MW
Saskatchewan River (1)
479 MW
Nelson River (5)
3,967 MW
Laurie River (1)
Burntwood River (1)                         
10 MW
214 MW
5,248 MW

Almost 100% of Manitoba’s electricity comes from environmentally sustainable hydroelectric generation.  Approximately six percent of North America's water flows through Manitoba and the rivers in Manitoba that supply power have more than twice the hydroelectric potential of Niagara Falls.  To date, only 50% of this potential has been harnessed

Manitoba Hydro is currently implementing capital investments of approximately $15 billion for major new generation and transmission projects over the next 10 to 15 years. These projects will serve the growing needs of Manitoba customers and will ensure a stable, reliable and cost-effective supply of electricity long into the future.

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