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Utilities: Telecommunications Providers

Broadband Penetration | Telecommunications Providers

The state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure in Manitoba provides ready access to the Internet in virtually all areas of the province, and is a particularly important advantage for technology-based businesses.

optics held by human hand Manitoba firms are served by a competitive range of telcommunications providers, including: MTS Allstream Inc., Telus Communications, Rogers Telecom, Shaw Communications and a host of service resellers. Corporate alliances with major U.S. companies ensure seamless provision of cross-border products and services.

The competitive telecommunications environment, with several alternative long-distance carriers, keeps rates low in Manitoba and our location in the Central Time Zone gives Manitoba business-hours access to the east and west coasts.

MTS Allstream Inc. -- is one of Canada's leading national communication solutions companies with more than 100 years of experience, and 5,500 employees across Canada. MTS Allstream has nearly two million total customer connections spanning business customers across Canada and residential consumers throughout the province of Manitoba. The Company's extensive national broadband and fibre optic network spans almost 30,000 kilometres and the company provides international connections through strategic alliances and interconnection agreements with other international service providers.

Telus Communications - offers telephone service, wireless service, Internet and data, and other business services.

Rogers Telecom - offers telephone service, wireless service, Internet and data

Shaw Communications - offers Internet, digital telephone, data, and video services

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