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The Application Process


Do not complete this application kit unless you have been advised to apply either through the Expression of Interest (EOI) process or directly by the PNP-B.  Applications received from individuals who have not been advised to apply will be returned unprocessed.

The Application Process is also available in PDF format

Step #1 Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the online system Click to open for the content

Please go to the Expression of Interest page for more information on submitting your EOI.

Step #2 Submit your Nomination Application if your receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) from the PNP-B Click to open for the content

Once you have been advised to apply to the PNP-B, you should submit your complete Nomination Application together with all supporting documents and the application processing fee of CDN $2,500. The Letter of Advice to Apply will provide you with detailed information about the forms to be used and the supporting documents to be enclosed with the application. The fee must be paid in Canadian Dollars to the Manitoba Development Corporation.

You must be aware that not all individuals who are invited to apply will necessarily receive a Nomination Certificate from the PNP-B or a Permanent Resident Visa. The Nomination Application will be assessed according to PNP-B criteria.  If your Nomination Application or Permanent Resident Visa application is refused you will not be refunded your application processing fee.

Step #3 Assessment of the Nomination Application Click to open for the content

If you have received a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), you must submit your completed Nomination Application along with copies of all required documents and the CDN $2500 application processing fee within 60 days from the date of issuance of the LAA. Applications received after 60 days will be returned unprocessed. Once a complete Nomination Application has been received, a confirmation letter with processing times will be provided.

(NOTE: Processing does not begin on incomplete applications.)

Step #4 Complete a Deposit Agreement Click to open for the content

If you are approved for nomination, you will be instructed to sign a Deposit Agreement and send a deposit of CDN $100,000 to the Government of Manitoba.

Step #5 Submit an Application for Permanent Residence to the IRCC Central Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada Click to open for the content

Upon receipt of a signed Deposit Agreement and deposit of CDN $100,000, you will be instructed to submit your original application to the Central Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. The PNP-B will send a Nomination Certificate directly to that office indicating that you have been nominated by the PNP-B.  Upon further screening, the CIO will forward the application to a designated Canadian Visa Office abroad that will provide instructions on medical examinations, security clearances and, upon favourable results, issue the Permenant Residence Visa.

Step #6 Immigrate to Manitoba Click to open for the content

Upon arriving in Manitoba as a Permanent Resident, it is mandatory that you contact the Business Immigration and Investment Branch within 30 days to schedule an appointment to meet with a Business Settlement Officer.

Step #7 Establish your Eligible Business and Request a Refund of Deposit Click to open for the content

An applicant must establish his/her business and fulfill the investment requirements as outlined in his/her Deposit Agreement within two years of landing. Once the investment in the business area he/she proposed has been verified, the CDN $100,000 Cash Deposit will be returned to the applicant without interest.

To Apply to the PNP-B, the Applicant must: Click to open for the content
  1. Complete the forms. Before starting, carefully read the detailed instructions for completing the forms.  Please refer to our Document Checklist which has complete details of the forms and documents required to be enclosed with the application.

  2. Collect all documents, as outlined in detail in the Document Checklist. It is an applicant’s responsibility to submit all supporting documents. If documents are missing, not translated or unclear, your application may be returned and not assessed. Translated documents must be notarized.

  3. Review and organize your completed forms and supporting documents in the same order as set out in the Document Checklist to ensure you have a complete application package.

  4. Please collate your pages and secure them with one paper clip.

    • Do not bind your application or put the pages in a ring binder.
    • Do not enclose individual pages in plastic, envelopes or folders.
    • Do not tie, sew, bolt or glue the pages together.
    • Only staple documents together which have multiple pages.
    • Do not send multiple copies of identical documents.
    • Do not send booklets, brochures or leaflets with your application that were collected during an Exploratory Visit.
  5. Assemble all your completed forms and supporting documents and attach the labels from the Document Checklist Tag Sheet.

  6. Submit your completed application package. (DO NOT FAX or E-MAIL APPLICATION PACKAGE.)

    MAIL TO:  Manitoba Education and Training
    Business Immigration and Investment Branch
    Immigration and Economic Opportunities Division
    7th Floor, 213 Notre Dame Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 1N3

  7. The Nomination Application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by letter, fax or electronic mail (e-mail) with the results. Further clarification and/or documentation may be requested.

  8. Decisions on applications are final. There is no appeal process. However, this does not preclude applicants from applying again after one year (or two years for cases of misrepresentation), provided the reasons for refusal of the initial application have been addressed.

If your Application for Nomination is approved by Manitoba, you will be required to make a good-faith deposit of CDN $100,000 to the Government of Manitoba, and sign a Cash Deposit Agreement guaranteeing that you will live in Manitoba and start or purchase a business in Manitoba within two years of obtaining your Permanent Resident status. The deposit will be refunded without interest when the investment described in the Deposit Agreement is made, the business is operational and the Nominee is actively involved in the operation of the business from within Manitoba.

After the deposit of CDN $100,000 and signed Deposit Agreement is received by Manitoba, you will be provided with instructions on how to submit the appropriate forms, documents and federal processing fees to the Centralized Intake Office – Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) P.O. BOX 1450, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada  B1P 6K5. (http://www.IRCC.gc.ca/english/information/offices/canada/sydney.asp)

Further instructions will be sent directly to you from the Canadian Visa Office regarding health and security checks. The Canadian Visa Office may require additional documentation at that time.  In some cases, you may be required to attend an interview.

Upon arrival in Manitoba, you must contact the Business Settlement Office of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (PNP-B), (Canada 001-204-945-1872), for general settlement support in establishing your business. Once the business has been established, you may request the release of your CDN $100,000 deposit.

At any time during this process, you are encouraged to contact the PNP-B for further information or clarification, or to advise on change in personal situation or contact information.

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Download the Entire New Application Kit: Includes all instructions (52 pages, 180 KB in size).

Individual Components

  Cover Page/Address/Table of Contents (PDF 81 KB)
  Program Eligibility:
Introduction, Business Experience and Adaptability Matrix
  Important Information & Policies:
Introduction, Expression of interest, Exploratory Visit, Business Intent, and Misc. Policies (PDF 92 KB)
  The Application Process:
Steps, Instructions, Application Fee, Forms, Document Checklist & Document Checklist Tags (PDF 92 KB)
  Important Terms (PDF 97 KB)
  Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 104 KB)

The forms are separate and can be downloaded at this link.


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