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Important Information: Exploratory Visit

What is an Exploratory Visit?

If you are considering immigrating to Manitoba through the PNP-B you may choose to strengthen your knowledge of and connection to the province by making an Exploratory Visit to investigate business and lifestyle opportunities.

The Exploratory Visit is an optional initiative for an applicant, but is recommended and should be completed prior to submitting an EOI or applying to the PNP-B. You are encouraged to conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba. The PNP-B allots an additional 15 points under the “Enhanced Settlement Factors” section of the Adaptability Assessment Matrix for such Exploratory Visits.

The Exploratory Visit must be conducted no more than one year prior to submission of an EOI. You can also conduct an Exploratory Visit after submission of the EOI and update your EOI with this information to enhance your point score.

You must visit Manitoba for a period of not less than consecutive five working days (excluding the days of arrival and departure), to conduct extensive business and lifestyle-related research. Although an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba must be for a minimum of consecutive five working days, longer visits are also recommended as they provide the applicant with a better opportunity to explore Manitoba.

An Exploratory Visit provides you with time to research business opportunities available, as well as the lifestyle in Manitoba. It is expected that you will conduct research activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Collecting necessary information to prepare his/her Statement of  Business Intent,  which may include identifying business, general start-up costs,  as well as the costs of leasing or purchasing business space, purchasing tools and equipment, hiring skilled labour, analyzing the competition, targeted customers and suppliers.

  • Researching information related to moving to and living in Manitoba such as schooling for children, the costs and availability of housing (rent or purchase), recreational activities, services available for newcomers and the general cost of living.

During an Exploratory Visit, you must dedicate a significant portion of time to conducting business-related research and meeting with various stakeholders and business advisors. You are expected to provide details of your business and lifestyle research through an Exploratory Visit Report which forms part of a Nomination Application.

How to Request and be Approved for an Exploratory Visit

You are not required to send any request to the PNP-B or require any approval from the PNP-B to conduct this visit. The PNP-B will not issue a letter of advice to support an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary travel documents (such as a Visitor’s Visa) required for travel to Manitoba, Canada. The PNP-B does not provide letters of support for you to obtain a Visitor’s Visa and cannot intervene in cases in which a potential applicant is denied a Temporary Resident Visa.

Weekly Information Seminar

The Business Settlement Office is hosting weekly information seminars on the "Business Investment through Business Immigration". This seminar is designed to serve the needs of potential foreign business investors who wish to explore the opportunity to immigrate and invest in Manitoba through the PNP-B. Please view the detailed information about this seminar here.

Submitting an Exploratory Visit Report with the Nomination Application

If you have conducted an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba, you are required to submit a report of this visit with the Nomination Application. There is no prescribed format for this report; however, you must describe all the activities you have undertaken during this visit. This report must cover the entire period of stay in Canada starting from the first day of entry to the day of leaving Canada and also including time spent in other provinces, if any.  You should include pictures, airline tickets, boarding passes, hotel receipts, business cards and all other relevant details to describe the activities undertaken during the visit. Please do not attach brochures, flyers, maps or information booklets collected during the Exploratory Visit with this report.

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