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Locating in Manitoba gives your business a low-cost advantage.

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Manitoba Means Business


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"Low Costs and High Energy Make Manitoba the Ideal Choice for Your Business Investment"



Affordable industrial land and office rents, electricity at some of the lowest rates in North America, and productive, skilled workers give Manitoba businesses an edge.

Manitoba has some of the most affordable industrial properties in Canada. Industrial properties are available in Winnipeg and many other cities and towns throughout the province. Winnipeg’s industrial parks are conveniently located near major transport facilities and properties in other Manitoba cities and towns have convenient highway access.

Office space is similarly varied and affordable. Approximately one million square feet of space is available in Winnipeg – from modern class A towers to beautiful historic buildings. Average net rental rates for class A office space are lower in central Winnipeg than for every major centre in Canada.

The mighty rivers that flow north and east into Hudson Bay provide Manitoba with ample, clean, and inexpensive hydroelectricity. In fact, Manitoba Hydro, the provincial electric utility, has published electric rates that are among the lowest in North America. Manitoba Hydro also provides high system reliability: its power outage frequency and average outage times are substantially lower than the respective composite average of other Canadian utilities. Manitoba Hydro ranked highest in customer satisfaction among large utilities in a 2010 national survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. 

These features make Manitoba one of the most attractive locations for investment in Canada. In a 2010 study that compared business costs for 17 industries in 112 cities around the world, consulting firm KPMG found that Canada ranked second in overall business cost competitiveness, with a cost advantage of 5.0% over the US. Winnipeg ranked as the lowest-cost city in the North American Midwest, with an overall cost advantage of 6.1% relative to the US average.

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Business climate– sunny and warm

Manitoba’s business climate encourages innovation and hard work and gives companies a competitive cost advantage.

KPMG’s 2010 study showed Winnipeg to be the overall business cost leader in the North American Midwest with:

  • overall business costs between 13% and 21% lower than the US average in high-tech industries like Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Software and Electronics Development and Multimedia; and
  • the lowest average business costs for manufacturing in the North American Midwest – Winnipeg, Manitoba was the cost leader in Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Electronics assembly, Medical devices, Pharmaceuticals, Precision manufacturing and Telecommunications.

Manitoba’s favourable business climate isn’t just a matter of low costs. It’s also a result of open doors and high expectations.

  • The Manitoba government works to open doors for investors through a variety of tax credits, streamlined permitting processes for mining investors, new initiatives to streamline interactions between government and citizens through the adoption of online service delivery, and government-industry initiatives that market the province within targeted industry sectors.
  • Strong consumer confidence is driving growth in everything from new housing starts to retail expansion. That confidence stems from job growth in Manitoba’s capital city, and also from the booming smaller cities of Brandon, Winkler, Morden and Steinbach.

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Strategic Incentives

Reductions to the General Corporation Income Tax Rate over the last 10 years:

  • Reductions to the General Corporation Income Tax Rate over the last 10 years
  • Elimination of the Small Business Tax
  • Corporations Capital Tax eliminated for most corporations
  • Manitoba Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit
  • Co-op Education and Apprenticeship Tax Credits:
  • Mining and Exploration Tax Incentives
  • Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit
  • Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit:
  • Targeted tax credits for Film and Video Production, Interactive Digital Media, Book Publishing and Cultural Industries Printing
  • Manitoba Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate

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