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Sector Structure

Size: 2015 industry revenues exceeded $1.9 billion. Over 5,000 persons are directly employed in the industry in Manitoba.

Dominant Activities: Aerospace manufacturing, and repair & overhaul account for approximately 80% of industry revenues with aerospace training and services providing 20%.

Structure & Concentration

The industry is led by three world-class firms -- Boeing Technology Canada, StandardAero, and Magellan Aerospace Limited as well as 23 established regional and national firms

The industry is supported by a large number of small to medium sized aerospace suppliers including precision machine shops, tool and die makers, precision sheet metal fabricators, plating and coating operations, and electronics companies.

A sophisticated training, education and transportation infrastructure provides further industry support.


Manitoba’s state-of-the-art aerospace industry is the largest in Western Canada and home to a diversified cluster of world-class manufacturing, repair and overhaul, and service firms.

Ongoing capital investment in industry ensures the technological basis for a sustained competitive advantage.

Manitoba's aerospace industry is intensely export oriented, serving hundreds of companies world wide.

Sector Capabilities

Design, development, manufacture, & repair/overhaul of:

  • composite aircraft components and assemblies
  • engine components and accessories

Repair and overhaul of:

  • advanced alloy turbine engines
  • piston engines and accessories
  • Precision machining and precision sheet metal fabrication of high strength metals and alloys
  • Spacecraft and payload design and integration
  • Sounding rocket design and integration
  • Military pilot simulator and flight training.

Competitive Strengths

Leading capabilities with respect to composite manufacturing and repair

Leading capabilities with respect to composite manufacturing and repair; Boeing, Magellan Aerospace and Advanced Composite Structures all operate composite facilities in Manitoba. The Boeing composite manufacturing facility is the largest in North America.

The Composites Innovation Centre supports research, education and training in the field of advanced composite materials, with applications for aerospace, automotive, civil infrastructure, and other industries. The Centre provides access to advanced research tools, including highly sophisticated testing equipment.

Engine Repair & Overhaul

StandardAero is the world's largest independent small turbine engine repair and overhaul company. StandardAero operates facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia as well as in Winnipeg.

Advanced Manufacturing

Magellan Aerospace Corporation is manufacturing advanced composite empennage assemblies for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

State of the Art Training

Allied Wings operates a new state-of-the-art training and flight simulation facility at Southport. The facility supports the twenty year contract to provide primary flight training and specialized helicopter and multi-engine fixed wing pilot training to the Canadian Air Force at the 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School. The $1.77 billion DND Contracted Flying Training contract was awarded to the Allied Wings consortium in 2005. Led by KF Aerospace, other team members include Canadian Helicopters Ltd, Canadian Base Operators, and Atlantis Systems International Inc.

Key Players

  • Boeing Canada Operations Limited, Winnipeg Division
  • StandardAero
  • Magellan Aerospace Limited

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