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Manitoba is positioned to become a Canadian leader in renewable-energy production and consumption through decreasing reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels and rising in use of geothermal heat pumps.

  • Today, Manitoba is internationally recognized as a clean-energy leader, ranked as the #1 province in Canada in energy efficiency.

  • Manitoba Hydro is one of Canada’s most active leaders in the energy and environment sector, with funding programs for renewable energy production, energy efficiency, eco-innovation, bio-products, climate change mitigation, and related environmental sectors. Nearly all electric power that is generated in Manitoba is generated from renewable resources.

  • Manitoba is leading the country in geothermal heat pump installations, has made dramatic investments in wind power and has the most aggressive biodiesel strategy in Canada.

  • The International Institute for Sustainable Development is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Wind Farm - St. Leon


Energy Division
Tel: 204-945-4004
Fax: 204-943-0031
See also: Electricity & Natural Gas Sector

Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Inc.
Tel: 204-783-7090
Fax: 204-783-6501


Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association
Tel: 204-338-0804
Fax: 204-338-0810

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