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Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) & Interactive Digital Media (IDM)

Sector Summary

Manitoba is home to a thriving ICT/IDM sector that serves the world. Manitoba has over 1,500 companies with approximately 80% of these firms located in Winnipeg. The industry is supported by an extensive network of research and development organizations and industry associations.

Winnipeg offers a diverse supply of over 22,000 workers in specialized ICT/IDM occupations, over 76,000 workers in business, finance, and administrative occupations, over 1,100 technical sales specialists.

Manitoba is home to about 125 digital media and gaming companies that together employ a workforce of 600 developers and workers in related occupations. Revenues in Winnipeg’s gaming industry grew by over 850% between 2007 and 2010.


Ms. Laurie Cornell
Manitoba Growth, Enterprise & Trade
Tel:  204-945-3743

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