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Programs for Social Enterprises

The following are descriptions of programs for which social enterprises may be eligible to apply. If you are interested in social enterprise programming or would like to be directed towards one of the following program areas, see contact information below:

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Ivy Lopez Sarmiento,
Business Consultant
Small Business Development
Entrepreneurship Manitoba
250-240 Graham Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0J7
Phone: 204-945-2103,
Fax: 204-983-3852
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Aboriginal Business Service Network Provides improved access to business and trade information offered to Aboriginals. The network provides information on programs and services related to trade and business offered by the federal and provincial government, and focuses on those programs and services offered specifically to Aboriginals entrepreneurs.
Build-a-Business Program Assists low income individuals to start or expand a business.
Business Start Loan Guarantee Program Provides assistance to prospective or new owner-managed businesses.
Canada-Manitoba Job Grant Employers are eligible to apply for up to $10,000 for each individual employee to assist with direct training costs.
Commercialization Support for Business Provides product development support, process commercialization and business development in all sectors.
Community Development Corporations and Cooperatives (CDEM) Offers services and programs to Community Development Corporations and Cooperatives also operating as social enterprises.
Community Initiatives (CI) Grants to support a range of projects that strengthen community health and resiliency broadly in the inner city of Winnipeg.
Community Futures Community Futures offices offer loans up to $150,000 for anyone interested in starting a social enterprise in rural Manitoba. 
Community Places Program Provides grants to non-for-profit organizations for up to 50% of the first $15,000 of project costs and up to 1/3 of project costs over that amount. The maximum grant is $50,000.
Cooperative Development Services Provides technical help and direction to develop new cooperatives, and improves existing cooperatives.  The service offers tools for co-op development, and aids cooperatives in interpreting and complying with The Cooperative Act and Regulations.
The Cooperative Loans and Loan Guarantee Board Provide the financial assistance necessary for the development and expansion of viable cooperative enterprises.
Communities Economic Development Fund Business Loans - CEDF provides loans to all types of businesses located in Northern Manitoba. it can also work with Aboriginal owned and controlled business throughout Manitoba (with the exception of within the City of Winnipeg) and also with Commercial Fishing related enterprises throughout Manitoba. Community Economic Development - CEDF works with Communities and Community Groups in Northern Manitoba, assisting in developing business plans for community enterprises.
First Peoples Economic Growth Fund Inc. Business Plan Assistance Program Provides support to First Nation-based enterprises in need of financial assistance.
Community Economic Expansion Program Assists First Nation community-owned associations and corporations develop businesses.
Entrepreneur Loan Program Provides support to First Nation entrepreneurs for viable business proposals.
Joint Venture Program Provides support for First Nation enterprises with viable business proposals.
Professional Support Services (Aftercare) Provides support to new businesses that have obtained assistance under another program within the fund.
Resource & Energy Investment Program (REIP) Provides financing to large-scale businesses in the energy and resource sectors.
Skills Development Program Provides readiness training to First Nations entrepreneurs.
Growing Forward 2 Provides various financial assistance programs to assist agricultural-based organizations and businesses.
Industry Services Partners with business, industry and labour to enhance workforce skills and knowledge. Promotes business and industry-related human resource development to create a highly skilled, knowledgeable and adaptable workforce in Manitoba.
Jubilee Fund Provides financing for economic initiatives that promote quality of life, self-reliance, and human dignity.
Louis Riel Capital Corporation Offers financing for Métis and Non-Status Indian-controlled small businesses.
Manitoba Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit Encourages Manitobans to invest in enterprises in their communities by providing a tax incentive, while providing community-based enterprises with access to equity capital. Investors receive a 30 per cent personal income tax credit on a maximum annual investment of $30,000 (up to $9,000 in tax credits).
Manitoba Cooperative Association Offers various programs and resources for cooperatives also operating as social enterprises.
Manitoba Industrial Opportuntities Provides secured loans or loan guarantees for business projects that would not occur in Manitoba without the provision of some level of goverment assistance.
Manitoba Marketing Network – Business Mentoring Program Provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to seek guidance on a longer-term basis from experienced business owners on the many facets of business, including:
  • Start-up
  • Financial Management
  • Growth and Expansion
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Access to Capital
  • Human Resource Management
Neighbourhoods Alive! Tax Credit Encourages corporations in Manitoba to support and work with charitable organizations to establish new social enterprises in Manitoba.
Neighbourhoods Renewal Fund Grants to support initiatives that strengthen local capacity, help revitalize a specfic neighbourhood and reflect the objectives and priorities identified in that neighbourhood’s Five-Year Neighbourhood Renewal Plan.
Northern Development Strategy Fund Provides assistance to a wide range of natural resource and sustainable development initiatives. The program supports the establishment and study of community-based resource harvesting activities including the tourism, fishery, forestry, and non-timber forest products industries. Funding provided non-repayable, and is available up to a maximum of $25,000 per project per fiscal year.
Rural Entrepreneur Assistance Program Help rural businesses access financing.
Rural Small Business Operating Credit Guarantee Encourages Manitobans to invest in enterprises in their communities by providing a tax incentive, while providing community-based enterprises with access to equity capital. Investors receive a 30 per cent personal income tax credit on a maximum annual investment of $30,000 (up to $9,000 in tax credits).
Self Employment Program Assists eligible unemployed individuals to achieve economic self-sufficiency through the creation of their own jobs.
Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program (Formerly the Community Enterprise Investment Tax Credit Program) Assists small corporations to issue new equity to new investors.
Spark Program Seeks to match community organizations in Winnipeg with volunteers who have specialized skills.
Wage Subsidy Program for Employers Provides consultations on marketing and product promotion to businesses.
World Trade Centre - Business InfoCentre Provides business advice, information, referrals, market research and business seminars to new and existing enterpreneurs.
Young Entrepreneurs Business Grant Program Encourages youth to start a full-time business and pursue self-employment as a career choice. Applicants are eligible for a grant of up to $4,000 based on 50% start-up costs to be used for business start-up costs and capital expenditures. The program is based on the ability of the applicant to identify need for stand-up capital in order to properly establish a business, either for capital or operating expenditures.

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