Inmate/Resident Telephone System

In October 2016, Manitoba Corrections changed the inmate phone system in all custody centres. This new system includes the following features:

  • All inmates/residents will be assigned a PIN and are required to register on the system before making their first call.
  • Inmates/Residents are able to make calls between 7am and 10:30pm to cellular phones, land lines, or internet phones.
  • All calls to privileged and program related numbers are free/unlimited, including lawyers, Ombudsman, and various community support agencies (e.g. John Howard, Elizabeth Fry, Band offices, Child and Family Services, Employment Insurance etc).
  • Inmate serving intermittent sentences, non-sentenced inmates, and young persons in custody receive 3 free personal calls each day, up to 15 minutes each
  • The receiver of a call is notified of the name and location of the caller and must actively accept the call before a connection is made.
  • Incoming calls are not permitted, but inmates/residents will be able to receive voicemail messages from family, friends, lawyers, etc. Voicemail messages can be up to 3 minutes in length.

For sentenced inmates, fees are applied for personal calls. Fees are also applied to non-sentenced inmates who make more than 3 free personal calls each day. The same fees will apply to local and long distance calls.

  • Inmates/Residents can make collect calls or use a prepaid phone account.
  • Inmates/Residents can transfer money from their trust account to their phone account by dialing 411#.
  • Kiosks will be installed near every custody facility for the public to deposit funds to an inmate/resident’s phone or trust accounts, province wide. Kiosks are also located at other custody locations across Canada. Please note that deposits are subject to a service fee.
    • Cash deposits to an inmate/resident’s trust or phone account can be made at any kiosk.
    • Credit card deposits to an inmate/resident’s phone account can be made online, by phone, or at a kiosk.
    • Deposits may be made using MoneyGram, available at any Canada Post location.
    • Inmates who do not have funds may apply for phone benefits.

Please be advised that calls are subject to recording and monitoring, except privileged calls as defined in the Correctional Services Act.


For the public – to access voicemail services or deposit funds, register online at,

or call 1-866-713-4761. Persons accessing public services will need the inmate/resident’s PIN.

For inmates/residents – to transfer money to your phone account, dial 411#. For other concerns about the phone service, dial 211#.


Prepaid Calls – $3.00 per call, up to 15 minutes in length, long distance or local.

Collect Calls – $4.30 per call, up to 15 minutes in length, long distance or local.

Voicemail – $1.25 per message, paid by sender. Messages from a privileged or program source are free.

Kiosk trust deposits (cash only) – $2.00 per transaction + 2% of deposit.

Kiosk phone account deposits (cash) – + taxes.

Credit card transactions (kiosk, online, phone) – $2.00 + 5% of deposit + taxes.