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Contact Information

Corrections Division (Manitoba Corrections)

Manitoba Corrections Head Office
810 - 405 Broadway
Winnipeg MB  R3C 3L6
Phone:  204-945-7804

Associate Deputy Minister of Justice
Phone:  204-945-7291

Administrative Officer
Phone:  204-945-7289

Adult Custody
Executive Director
Phone:  204-945-6041
Fax:  204-948-2166

Community & Youth Corrections
Executive Director
Phone:  204-945-6063
Fax:  204-945-5537

Adult Probation Services
Executive Director
Phone:  204-945-0882
Fax:  204-945-5537

Rural Probation Services
Phone:  204-724-3735
Fax: 204-945-5537


Youth Correctional Facilities

Agassiz Youth Centre
P.O. Box 1342
Portage la Prairie MB  R1N 3A9
Phone:  204-239-3016
Fax:  204-239-3025

Manitoba Youth Centre
170 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg MB  R3N 1X9
Phone:  204-475-2010
Fax:  204-945-3112


Adult Correctional Facilities

Brandon Correctional Centre
375 Veterans Way
Brandon MB R7C 0B1
Phone:  204-725-3532
Fax:  204-727-3961

Dauphin Correctional Centre
114 River Avenue West
Dauphin MB  R7N 0J7
Phone:  204-622-2083
Fax:  204-622-2468

Headingley Correctional Centre
6030 Portage Avenue
Headingley MB  R4H 1E8
Phone:  204-837-1351
Fax 204-889-3033

The Pas Correctional Centre
P.O. Box 659
The Pas MB  R9A 1K7
Phone:  204-627-8450
Fax 204-623-7774

Winnipeg Remand Centre
141 Kennedy Street
Winnipeg MB  R3C 4N5
Phone:  204-945-3540
Fax:  204-948-2217

Milner Ridge Correctional Centre
PO Box 460
Beausejour Manitoba R0E 0C0
Phone:  204-268-4011
Fax:  204-268-4833

Women’s Correctional Centre
31 Routledge  Avenue
Headingley,  MB  R4H 0A9
Phone:  204-948-8806
Fax:  204-948-8833


Winnipeg Adult Community Corrections Offices

Random Assault Unit
2nd Floor, 225 Garry Street
Winnipeg MB  R3C 1H1
Phone:  204-945-7207
Fax:  204-945-0426

Probation Services – Bail Supervision
10 Midland Street
Winnipeg MB  R3E 2Y6
Phone:  204-945-3278
Fax:  204-948-2164

Family Violence Unit
2031 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3J 0K6
Phone:  204-945-8995
Fax:  204-948-2176

Family Violence Unit
470 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3B 1R5
Phone:  204-945-3213
Fax:  204-945-1227

Probation Program Unit
Main Floor, 225 Garry Street
Winnipeg MB  R3C 1H1
Phone:  204-945-5505
Fax:  204-945-0426

Restorative Resolutions Program
3rd Floor, 583 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3B 1Z7
Phone:  204-945-8581
Fax:  204-948-2100

Intake & Records
435 - 405 Broadway
Winnipeg MB  R3C 3L6
Phone:  205-945-5971
Fax:  204-948-2276


Winnipeg Youth Community Corrections Offices

77A Redwood Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R2W 5J5
Phone:  204-945-7183
Fax:  204-945-5179

2nd Floor, 533 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3B 1S2
Phone:  204-945-7217
Fax:  204-945-0150

After Hours Emergency
Phone:  204-945-0183


Rural Adult and Youth Community Corrections Offices

Centralized First Nations Unit
172 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg MB R3N 1X9
Phone: 204-945-7219
Fax: 204-948-2174

Eastman Region
Box 50, 20 First Street
Beausejour MB  R0E 0C0
Phone:  204-268-6038
Fax:  204-268-3113

Interlake Region
2nd Floor, 337A Main Street
Selkirk MB  R1A 1T3
Phone:  204-785-5075 or 866-515-0741
Fax:  204-785-5018

Norman Region
P.O. Box 2550, Otineka Mall
The Pas MB  R9A 1M4
Phone:  204-627-8343
Fax:  204-627-8367

Parkland Region
P.O. Box 997
Swan River MB  R0L 1Z0
Phone:  204-734-9356
Fax:  204-734-9544

Thompson Region
P.O. Box 24, Provincial Building
Room 110, 59 Elizabeth Drive Road
Thompson MB  R8N 1X4
Phone:  204-677-6470
Fax:  204-677-6514

Westman Region
Room 100 - 340 9th Street
Brandon MB  R7A 6C2
Phone:  204-726-6464
Fax:  204-726-6531


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