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Manitoba Justice

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The Inquiry Regarding Thomas Sophonow


Table of Contents


Police Interviews With Thomas Sophonow in Vancouver

Eyewitness Identification

Investigation of Terry Arnold as a Suspect

The Role of Crown Counsel in the Administration of Justice

The Issue Regarding the Twine

The Evidence Regarding Timing

The Third Trial and the Allegation of Sexual Assault

The Role of Defence Counsel

Alibi Evidence

Jailhouse Informants, Their Unreliability and the Importance of Complete Crown Disclosure Pertaining to Them


The Role of the Trial Judge



Appendix A - Order-in-Council (656Kb PDF)

Appendix B - Notices of Hearing (225Kb PDF)

Appendix C - Rules of Practice and Procedure (433Kb PDF)

Appendix D - Curriculum Vitae of Peter Neufeld (203Kb PDF)

Appendix E - Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Elizabeth Loftus (4730Kb PDF)

Appendix F - Manitoba Guidelines Respecting the Use of Jailhouse Informants (725Kb PDF)

Appendix H - Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Clifford Silverthorne (64Kb PDF)

Appendix I - Curriculum Vitae of Joel Grymaloski (259Kb PDF)

Appendix J - Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Adrian Grounds (436Kb PDF)


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