Family Liaison Contact

Manitoba Justice’s Family Liaison Contact (FLC) provides support and information to families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls who have questions about the loss of their loved one. Referrals to the FLC can be made by individuals, community organizations, Indigenous organizations, Victim Services, R.C.M.P. and Winnipeg Police Services. The FLC partners with Elders and Indigenous agencies to ensure families have access to appropriate traditional supports while they seek information about their loved ones.

The Family Liaison Contact will:

  • assist family members throughout Manitoba with access to services and information
  • attend community/healing events and ceremonies along with family members.
  • connect families with counselling agencies and services that offer culturally safe programs to help them work through their trauma and grief
  • serve as a direct resource and link to the police and the community agencies already involved with the families of missing persons
  • establish connections with FLCs in other provinces/territories to address requests for information

    If charges are laid, the FLC will support families through the court process and assist them to access counselling and other benefits through Manitoba Justice’s Compensation for Victims of Crime program. The FLC will build and maintain open lines of communication between family members, law enforcement and Manitoba Prosecutions and will keep families up-to-date on developments in their case by providing regular updates.


    For more information about the Family Liaison Contact call (204) 984-0504 in Winnipeg
    or 1-866-484-2846 (toll free)