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Wrongful Seizure

At the time of seizure, if a registrant believes the seizure is wrongful (ex: the driver was not suspended), the registrant should contact VIR as soon as possible. If VIR agrees the seizure was wrongful, VIR will issue an Order to Release, so the registrant can immediately re-claim the motor vehicle.

Claiming of Motor Vehicle

To claim your vehicle, you must give the garage keeper either:

  • Request and Order for Release
    This is issued at the end of the impoundment period by the police agency that seized your vehicle. If the police agency was the Winnipeg Police Service, you must get the Request and Order for Release at 245 Smith Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Order of a Justice
    • If the Justice has cancelled the impoundment, take the Order of a Justice to the police agency that seized your vehicle.
    • If the Justice reduced the impoundment period, take the Order of a Justice, showing the new release date, to the police agency that seized your vehicle.

If your vehicle was wrongfully seized, VIR will issue an Order to Release to the garage keeper so the registrant, owner or additional owner can claim the vehicle. The Order to Release will indicate who must pay the related fees, such as towing, storage and provincial administration fee.

Towing, Storage and Provincial Administration Fees

Impoundment of Vehicles Fees Regulation, Regulation 243/89 of The HTA, sets the costs the garage keeper may charge for towing, storage and other charges. It also sets the provincial administration fee.

Disposal of Motor Vehicle

The garage keeper may be authorized to dispose of your motor vehicle, either under The HTA or The Garage Keeper’s Act. If the garage keeper’s lien (towing and storage costs) is greater than the value of the vehicle, the garage keeper may apply to VIR to transfer the vehicle or to auction it under The Garage Keeper’s Act.

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