Labour & Regulatory Services - Conciliation & Mediation Services


Conciliation is mediated collective bargaining assistance. It is the primary service provided by the branch. The service is intended to assist employers and unions to resolve differences arising during their negotiations to conclude a collective bargaining agreement.

Branch conciliators, on a confidential basis, participate in the collective bargaining process and help the parties to resolve difficulties or impasse situations, thereby minimizing or preventing potential work stoppages.

Conciliation is accessed at the request of either the employer or the union under the following provisions of The Labour Relations Act:

  • Section 67(1) - for the purpose of concluding a subsequent or renewed collective agreement.
  • Section 87(1) - for the purpose of concluding a first collective agreement

To Contact Conciliation and Mediation Services Branch:

Manitoba Labour & Regulatory Services
606 - 401 York Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0P8

Email Conciliation & Mediation Services
General Office: 204 945-3367
Fax: 204 945-3286

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