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Grievance Mediation

Conciliation and Mediation Services branch provides a confidential grievance mediation service for the parties to an existing collective agreement. This service can be accessed at any time and initiated in two ways.

  • By way of a joint application (Section 129(1) of The Labour Relations Act); or
  • As a service offered and agreed upon during the Manitoba Labour Board’s expedited arbitration process.

Grievance Mediation Facts:

  • Grievances are formal disputes that may arise during the lifetime of a collective agreement, regarding either the interpretation or the application and implementation of its terms.
  • Grievance mediation is a confidential process whereby branch mediators are assigned to help parties to resolve their disputes.
  • If a grievance is resolved in mediation, the terms of the settlement are binding on all parties and the matter is concluded. If not, the parties maintain whatever position they had coming into mediation and may proceed to arbitration for a final ruling.
  • Branch mediators cannot be subpoenaed to attend the arbitration to give evidence regarding the content of discussions in mediation. The Conciliation and Mediation Services branch has no role regarding the implementation of a settlement.

Contact Information:

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