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Interest-Based Negotiation

IBN is a highly structured collective bargaining method that encourages the free exchange of information between the parties.

IBN takes a problem solving approach to consider topics or problems that parties wish to discuss or resolve in bargaining. It analyses each party’s underlying needs, desires, concerns, or fears in relation to an issue or set of issues.

IBN promotes the discussion and generation of options or potential solutions to resolve issues. It applies a consensus-based approach to evaluate the viability of options.

Once all IBN steps are applied to all issues, bargaining moves to closure. Some issues may remain unresolved and a return to positional bargaining and conciliation may occur.


Upon joint request, the branch will provide first time initial and/or refresher IBN training workshops. A team of branch mediators consult with the parties and arrange the workshop.


The branch may provide IBN facilitation. Branch mediators assist the parties to keep on track regarding the IBN process. They do not deal with the content of bargaining, only with the process. Branch mediators may also assist the parties to prepare to self-facilitate their own IBN bargaining.

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