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Preventative Mediation

Preventative mediation is a general term used to describe any process designed to help parties to build, establish and maintain a respectful working relationship which increases the chances for peaceful resolution of issues and contract negotiations in the future.

Prior to making a request for preventative mediation from Conciliation and Mediation Services, parties have identified a problem that they mutually agree has significantly and negatively impacted their workplace and/or has affected their overall relationship.

Preventative Mediation Facts:

  • Conciliation and Mediation Services assigns a team of branch mediators to consult with the parties, seek an understanding of their mutual and separate concerns, and provide them with options for programs that may address those concerns.
  • Branch mediators also provide long term follow-up assistance to the parties regarding the implementation and effect of any resulting agreed plan of action.

Preventative Mediation Training:

Conciliation and Mediation Services presents and facilitates preventative mediation workshops.

The following are preventative mediation workshops that are provided by the branch:

  • Supervisor-Steward Joint Training Workshop - A 1-day workshop designed to assist parties to enhance or improve the day-to-day administration of their collective agreement and the overall relationship as seen from the perspective of line supervisors and union officials.
  • Committee Effectiveness Workshop - A 1-day workshop designed to assist parties to establish or revitalize a joint labour-management committee in the workplace.
  • Relationship by Objectives (RBO) Workshop - An intensive 2 or 3-day workshop designed to repair or rebuild a damaged labour-management relationship.

The above training programs can be adapted for small or large groups. The branch is prepared to design a customized tailor-made program where it best meets the needs of the parties.

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