VOL. XLVI No. 43A - 1:30 p.m., THURSDAY, MAY 30, 1996

Thursday, May 30, 1996


Thursday, May 30, 1996

The House met at 1:30 p.m.




Teachers--Collective Bargaining and Compensation Review

Mr. Gary Kowalski (The Maples): Madam Speaker, I beg to present the petition of Barbara Teskey, John Erskine, Kim Gauthier and others praying that the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba urge the Minister of Education (Mrs. McIntosh) to recognize the true value of teachers and reject the recommendations made in the May 1996 paper entitled, Report of the Teacher Collective Bargaining and Compensation Review Committee.

Home Care Services

Mr. Jim Maloway (Elmwood): I beg to present the petition of P. Lee, D. Goullas, M. Johnston and others requesting the Premier (Mr. Filmon) and the Minister of Health (Mr. McCrae) to consider reversing their plan to privatize home care services.

Mr. Conrad Santos (Broadway): Madam Speaker, I beg to present the petition of Amanda McKenzie, Gerrie Wasylko, Dennis Linklater and others requesting the Premier and the Minister of Health to consider reversing their plan to private home care services.

Ms. Becky Barrett (Wellington): Madam Speaker, I beg to present the petition of R. Labossiere, Teresa Miller, Sharon Sorenson and others requesting the Premier and the Minister of Health to consider reversing their plan to private home care services.


Seasonal Camping Fees

Madam Speaker: I have reviewed the petition of the honourable member for The Pas (Mr. Lathlin). It complies with the rules and practices of the House (by leave). Is it the will of the House to have the petition read?

Some Honourable Members: Dispense.

Madam Speaker: Dispense.

WHEREAS seasonal camping has provided an affordable form of recreation for many Manitobans; and

WHEREAS the provincial government has announced increases in seasonal camping fees of up to 100 percent; and

WHEREAS this huge increase is far more than any cost-of-living increase; and

WHEREAS this increase will lead to many people being unable to afford seasonal camping.

WHEREFORE your petitioners humbly pray that the Legislative Assembly urge the provincial government not to increase seasonal camping fees by such a large amount.



Committee of Supply

Mr. Marcel Laurendeau (Chairperson of Committees): Madam Speaker, the Committee of Supply has adopted certain resolutions, directs me to report the same and asks leave to sit again.

I move, seconded by the honourable member for Emerson (Mr. Penner), that the report of the committee be received.

Motion agreed to.


Hon. Eric Stefanson (Minister of Finance): I have two reports to table. The first one is the 1996-97 Departmental Expenditure Estimates for the Manitoba Community Support Program, and the second one is the 1996-97 Departmental Expenditure Estimates for the Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Works Program.


Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters of Canada

Hon. James Downey (Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism): Madam Speaker, I have a statement for the House and I have copies for members opposite.

Madam Speaker, 125 years ago the Canadian Manufacturers' Association was founded, and 94 years ago this month the Parliament of Canada enacted a bill incorporating the CMA to promote Canadian industries and to further the interests of Canadian manufacturers and exporters. Fifty-three years ago, the Canadian Exporters' Association was founded to promote Canadian international business and to advance the interests of exporters. Today, these two great associations which have helped form the fabric of this country are merging into a new organization to be known as the Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada.

They bring together their respective strengths and a commitment to build a strong and prosperous Canadian economy. I believe that this combination of export, community and the manufacturing sectors will be very beneficial for our province. Partnerships between the business community and government are needed for us to realize the potential represented by globalization and trade liberalization. This new organization provides us with a strong private sector partner. Madam Speaker, the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism has been working closely with the CEA for the past year and a number of exciting projects are already underway between Manitoba and the amalgamated CEA and CMA.

* (1335)

I am pleased to tell you that the next annual meeting of the CEA, which includes the Canadian Export Awards, will be held in Winnipeg from October 6 to October 8. Our Premier (Mr. Filmon) will be making the opening lunch keynote address to the delegates who will be attending from all across Canada. This annual meeting had been booked for Ottawa, but an official from my department attended the last CEA annual convention and, with the help of other Manitoba delegates, convinced the CEA executive to move the location of the event to Winnipeg. There is little doubt that this upcoming annual meeting will be a historic event for the new organization.

The Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through Manitoba Trade, has built an excellent relationship with the CEA and together we have recently concluded a review of export-related training needs of small- and medium-size Manitoba companies. One of the goals of our government's trade strategy is to dramatically increase the number of Manitoba exporters. The partnership that we have with the amalgamated CEA and CMA will help us to achieve these goals. Staff of Manitoba Trade and the local chapter executive of the CMA and CEA have already met to begin planning how together we can continue to increase trade and other international business opportunities for Manitoba firms. We look forward to a strong and prosperous relationship with the Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada.

Madam Speaker, I ask the members of the Legislature to join me in wishing the new organization well. Thank you.

Mr. Tim Sale (Crescentwood): Madam Speaker, I am pleased to respond and add our words of congratulations to the two associations, the Canadian Manufacturers' Association and the Canadian Exporters' Association on their agreement to work together in future.

Madam Speaker, I have not been briefed on this particular decision, but I expect that it, at least in part, reflects the fact that many of the traditional exports from all developed economies have shifted from hard goods to services, and that Manitoba of course is a major exporter of services as well as manufactured goods, so I expect that there may be some recognition of that in this announcement.

I look forward to the work of this association, and to attending the conference in October, and congratulate the minister and the government in being able to persuade the associations to hold their meeting in Winnipeg. This is, obviously, an important component of not only our economy, but the Canadian economy, and working together is one of the themes that our party has always believed in. We will look forward to working with the new association as we have with the predecessor bodies, and I thank the minister for his statement.

Seniors Month

Hon. Jack Reimer (Minister responsible for Seniors): Madam Speaker, I have a statement for the House.

It gives me great pleasure to invite all my colleagues to join with me in the celebration of June as Seniors Month in the province of Manitoba. Throughout Manitoba, various communities will be hosting events in recognition of the commitment that seniors have made in shaping our great province. Whereas in the past we have chosen to celebrate Seniors Day in the Legislature, our government has made a commitment to take our celebrations outside of the halls and into the communities where they belong.

Through the Manitoba Seniors Directorate, our government will be assisting various groups in establishing activities within their own communities. This year events are scheduled to take place on June 7, with the MSOS Regional Council at the Unicity Mall; on June 10, at Gimli through the New Horizons Senior Centre; on June 13, at the Boissevain curling rink and arena; and June 14, at the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre in St. Boniface.

The proclamation of Seniors Month is more than just a time to celebrate. The proclamation of June as Seniors Month also gives all Manitobans an opportunity to recall the immeasurable contribution that seniors have made in shaping our beautiful province.

* (1340)

We do not have to go back a great length in the province's history to recognize that Manitoba seniors consist of a diverse population from a variety of cultural backgrounds and from many regions throughout the world. They have harvested our rich prairie lands, fished our bountiful lakes and worked in building many of our successful businesses that continue to prosper and create opportunities for future generations.

We should all continue to remember the contributions of our seniors and acknowledge the tremendous impact they have had on all our lives. This month of celebration in Manitoba provides us with the opportunity to let these special Manitobans know how much we appreciate the many contributions they have made over the years and are continuing to make on a daily basis.

Madam Speaker, I would like to conclude by encouraging all members of this House to put politics aside and join with me in honouring the month of June as Seniors Month. Thank you very much.

Mr. Conrad Santos (Broadway): Madam Speaker, in reply to the honourable minister, I would say that there is a great discrepancy between all these words and the action of this government. This is like inviting seniors to their own funeral. The cut on eye examinations from age 16 to 64 itself is evidence that they do not care about seniors' vision, not even for the present, not even for the future. The cut on Pharmacare will put seniors in a very difficult position financially, morally, emotionally, because they cannot afford essential pharmaceutical needs of their bodies. The cut in health care services, in home care services, all these point to the opposite of what this government is saying. Thank you.

Introduction of Guests

Madam Speaker: Prior to Oral Questions, I would like to, firstly, draw the attention of all honourable members to the loge to my left where we have with us this afternoon Councillor

John Angus, the former member for St. Norbert.

On behalf of all honourable members, I welcome you this afternoon.

Seated in the Speaker's Gallery we have with us today His Honour Eufrasio Mascarinas, the mayor of Tubigon in the province of Bohol, the Philippines; Mr. Noel Mendana, the municipal engineer of the City of Tubigon; His Worship Glenn Carlson, mayor of Portage la Prairie; Mr. Dean Yaremchuk, the director of Economic and Community Development for Portage La Prairie.

On behalf of all honourable members, I welcome you this afternoon.

We also have thirty-two Grade 5 students from Landmark Elementary School under the direction of Mr. Russ Dirks. This school is located in the constituency of the honourable member for La Verendrye (Mr. Sveinson). And we have 26 students from Greenway School under the direction of Ms. Diane Zack. This school is located in the constituency of the honourable member for St. James (Ms. Mihychuk).

On behalf of all honourable members, I welcome you this afternoon.

* (1345)