Legislative Building

In 2006, the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba established the Teachers' Institute on Parliamentary Democracy. The First Teachers' Institute on Parliamentary Democracy was held October 20 – 24, 2007.

Since that time, teachers from across the province who have attended the Institute are amazed at the content of the program, and, in particular, the openness of all the presenters addressing them. The four days are jam packed with tours, individual presentations and panels. It is very busy, but a good kind of busy!

Here are some things that participants had to say about their experience:

"This experience is total immersion in government. The openness, availability and diversity of presenters as well as interaction with colleagues was unbelievable!" - 2007 Teachers' Institute Participant

"It was wonderful! This was the best professional development that I have ever participated in! What a positive way to learn about government and citizenship. Every teacher should have this opportunity. It was excellent!" - 2007 Teachers' Institute Participant

"The Teachers' Institute is an invaluable experience and should be attended by all Social Studies Teachers. I have never attended a conference that has provided so many stimulating learning opportunities." - 2008 Teachers' Institute Participant

"First class from start to finish. This is a must have experience if you teach social studies in Manitoba." - 2008 Teachers' Institute Participant

"The Institute is an amazing experience. I highly recommend for any social studies teachers who teach government." - 2009 Teachers' Institute Participant

"If you enjoy a well-organized, informative, inspiring PD session, this is for you! Teachers don't get treated like royalty – but for four days, we were!" - 2009 Teachers' Institue Participant

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