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Recognizing Prior Learning

  • The Prior Learning And Recognition (PLAR) Manual (PDF) is a review of PLAR and provide the necessary forms for the implementation of PLAR within each Adult Learning Centre . The manual provides information about PLAR, benefits for the learner, PLAR Model, procedures for implementation, standards, sound assessment and PLAR forms. Revised January 2006.
  • The Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Policies and Procedures Guide for Adult Learning Centres (ALCs) (PDF) (2004) français (PDF) (2004) addresses the policies and procedures required for the implementation and delivery of PLAR at ALCs. The guide was developed in consultation with representatives of adult learning centres.
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Policy Framework (PDF)  français (PDF). In 2000/01, the province reviewed the way in which adult learners were able to receive upgrading and post-secondary education. With the goal of having mobile credentials, the service delivery model for the provision of adult education was developed. The strategy has three cornerstones - increasing capacity within post-secondary to offer prior learning assessment and recognition services; a new staff position to introduce and expand PLAR advisory services in the community and at adult learning centres; and support for workplace and industry PLAR projects.
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