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Adult Learning and Literacy

Program Funding Requirements

Follow this link for information on student financial assistance.

For Information Purposes Only

Adult Learning and Literacy is currently revising its funding process. If you have any questions about the process or if your organization is interested in applying for provincial program funding, please contact the ALL office at 945-8247 or 1-800-282-8069 extension 8247.

Manitoba Adult Learning Centres (ALC) Program

Starting Up a New Adult Learning Centre (PDF) - this document will assist you in planning to start an Adult Learning Centre. Included in the document is a self assessment checklist and a timeline for the registration and funding process.

New ALC Application Guide (PDF) français (PDF)
New ALC Application Form (PDF) français (PDF) (361 KB)
New ALC Program Plan (PDF) français (PDF)
New ALC Proposed Budget Form (PDF) français (PDF)
New ALC Technology & Equipment Form (PDF) français (PDF)

Manitoba Adult Literacy Programs (MALP)

Manitoba Adult Literacy Program Funding Criteria (PDF) français

Manitoba Adult Literacy Program Self Assessment Tool (PDF) français (PDF) - this document will assist you in assessing what your agency is currently doing that supports the Manitoba Adult Literacy Program Funding Criteria, The Adult Literacy Act and Adult Literacy Regulation. The Self-Assessment Tool aligns the MALP funding criteria and the regulations with possible examples that your agency could use as evidence that it meets the MALP funding criteria.

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