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RPL Resource Guides

The RPL Resource Guides will assist Adult Learning Centres (ALCs) with RPL Advising and Assessing. The development of the RPL courses for ALCs came from feedback from Adult Educators in ALCs. The guides are developed by adult educators from ALCs which included a consultative process with content experts from ALCs. The guides include a detailed self-assessment for learners to complete as well as suggestions for assessments. The RPL Resource Guides may be photocopied for advising and assessment services.

Accounting 30S Resource Guide (PDF)

Automated Office 40S Resource Guide (PDF)
English 30S Transactional Focus Resource Guide (PDF)
English 40S Transactional Focus Resource Guide (PDF)
English Language Arts Comprehensive Focus 40S Guide (PDF)
English - Language and Technical Communications 40S Guide (PDF)
Family Studies 40S Guide (PDF)
Management 40S Guide (PDF)

World Issues 40S Resource Guide (PDF)

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