Multiculturalism and Literacy


The Multiculturalism Secretariat, part of Manitoba Multiculturalism and Literacy, advances the goals of The Manitoba Multiculturalism Act.

The secretariat promotes awareness of our province’s rich cultural diversity and works with ethnocultural organizations to build capacity and support community development by providing funding and offering information sessions and organizational support.

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Adult Learning and Literacy

The Adult Learning and Literacy Branch supports programs and services that provide adult focused education ranging from basic literacy at certified Adult Literacy Programs to advanced high school courses at registered Adult Learning Centres.

There are many reasons for returning to learning. Maybe your goal is to:

  • Get help with everyday reading and math skills
  • Get your high school diploma
  • Complete high school credits to prepare for college or university
  • Get a job, or a better job

Whatever your reason for returning to learning, you may find the help you need at one of the many Adult Literacy Programs or Adult Learning Centres found in Manitoba. Click on the link to the Directory in the Quick Links section to find out about programs near you.

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