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Lake Metigoshe

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The Forecasting and Flood Response Coordination Branch of Regulatory and Operational Services, Manitoba Infrastructure, monitors and reports on lake levels throughout Manitoba. A provincial network of electronic and manual gauges is operated to supplement the federal network run by Water Survey of Canada. Manitoba Infrastructure and Manitoba Conservation operate some additional manual gauges and provide weekly or monthly readings. Forecast of lake levels are also prepared every month or two depending on conditions.

The following products showing lake conditions and forecasts are available via this website:

  • Weekly updated plots for large lakes in Manitoba, showing daily levels for the past two years together with target levels and/or operating ranges. Occasionally these plots will show predicted levels for several months into the future based on normal weather conditions. Inflows and outflows are shown for controlled lakes.
  • Monthly updated tables showing recent levels for 35 lakes in Manitoba together with target levels, comparative data for past years and forecasted levels for one month into the future.
  • Daily recorded water levels for many lakes may be obtained from a Water Survey of Canada web site as noted under the "River Conditions" portion of this web site.

Monthly Lake Reports and Tables

Lake Levels

Lake Forecasts