Safety Fitness Program Expansion

New Inspection Standard for Heavy Vehicles

The Highway Traffic Act regulatory amendments are now in force and result in the following changes to the heavy vehicle inspection standards.

  • The Vehicle Safety Inspection Regulation (VSIR) adopts Part B of National Safety Code Standard 11: Periodic Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections (NSC 11) as the new inspection standard for heavy vehicles.
  • Authorized inspection stations will now inspect heavy vehicles to the NSC 11 standard.
  • If your vehicle meets the previous standards but not the new standards, it will be considered to pass inspection, but you will be advised about what needs to be done to bring your vehicle into compliance with NSC 11 standards for its next inspection.
  • On its second inspection, your vehicle will not pass if it does not comply with NSC 11 standards.
  • Truck tractors with a gross vehicle weight rating of 21,953 kilograms or more now require inspection every 12 months instead of every six months.

For further reference, see the following standard and regulations:

For further information about NSC 11 and how it affects you, please contact Manitoba Public Insurance, Vehicle Standards and Inspections at 204-985-0920.