Information on Plans for Flood Route North of the Town of Morris

On December 13, 2017, the Manitoba government presented information on plans for a flood route, for Highway 75 the area north of Morris.

The new proposed solution for Manitoba's main route to the United States during a significant flood will help ensure a safe route for people and the movement of goods during a Red River flood event on PTH 75.

PTH 75 under water PTH 75 under water


Public Consultation

  • Public open houses were held:
    • May 2010
    • January 2013
    • November 2014
  • The main concerns expressed were drawdown after a “normal” flood event (i.e. 2006) and drainage after heavy rainfall
  • Outcome - Preferred solution was raising the grade of PTH 75 north of Morris

Hydraulic Study

  • After the 2014 open house, a hydraulic study was undertaken to determine the size of required hydraulic openings
  • That study was been completed, and it recommended significant hydraulic openings to maintain existing conditions north of Morris
  • These results were not anticipated and as a result, the estimated costs have risen substantially north of Morris
  • There is a need to reconsider our approach

Flood Event PTH 75 Closures Between St. Jean Baptiste and Aubigny

Year Length of Closure in Days
1996 14
1997 44
1999 Almost Closed
2000 Almost Closed
2005 Almost Closed
2006 18
2009 38
2010 Almost Closed
2011 8 28
  • Since 1996, on average, PTH 75 has been threatened with closure every 2.3 years
  • PTH 75 has been closed by flooding every 4.2 years
  • The average length of closure is 24 28 days


Total Cost of Prior Solution
Estimated cost for new structures
Morris River raising $60 Million
Lewis Coulee $20 M
McTavish Drain $20 M
S of PR 205 $40 M

Total structures cost:

$140 Million

Estimated cost for raising and surfacing:  
PTH 75 northbound lanes $41 M


  • Manitoba Infrastructure identified a new solution with significant cost-savings.

New Solution

  • Reconstruct northbound lanes of PTH 75, raising them slightly, from Morris to Aubigny. This includes culvert extensions and a few new culverts. PR 246 upgraded to permanent RTAC rating (for heavy trucking weights).

Prior Solution

  • The proposal as announced, is to raise the grade of the northbound lanes of PTH 75 from one-to-two meters higher, construct new concrete surface from Morris to Aubigny, and build new structures (includes culvert extensions, Morris River Bridge and two new structures just south of PR 205).


Estimate Capital Costs

Work Type

Prior Solution*

New solution*

Preliminary Engineering


















*millions of dollars
(Note: Cost of surfacing PTH 75 northbound lanes is included in all options)


New Solution - Upgrade PR 246 for Flood Route:

  • Leave PTH 75 at existing elevation (+ 0.3 m) with surfacing of northbound lanes
  • No new expensive bridge structures needed
  • Install more culverts at strategic locations as recommended by a new hydraulic study (in 2018)
  • Rehabilitate the Morris River Bridge in 10-15 years for $20M
  • Upgrade PR 246 to permanent RTAC rated (for heavy trucking weights) as an alternative flood route

New Solution - Additional Considerations during future flood events

  • Morris school could relocate bus loading to front of school
  • Consider restricting parking along PTH 23
  • Intersection improvements in Aubigny
  • Noise and safety issues