Important Message:
After extensive consultations, the Department will undertake a single-window, single-application intake and assessment process for new projects that must be completed by March 31, 2018, under its community development programs including Neighbourhoods Alive!, Community Places, Hometown Manitoba and Partner 4 Growth programs and related programming. The focus will be on planning for good outcomes, building better communities and sustaining community efforts. To achieve positive outcomes, applications should focus on:
-        Accessibility - reducing barriers for Manitobans regardless of where they live, their age, gender, cultural background, sexual identity, physical or mental ability or income.
-     Green Spaces and Active Transportation creating new green spaces, advancing active transportation and maximizing use of parks, playgrounds, trails and pathways.
-        Newcomers - addressing the unique needs of immigrants and refugees and building on and encouraging involvement in the community.
Project applications will be assessed against these priorities. Core funding will continue for existing services while this intake occurs for these time-limited projects.
The Department will continue to engage the community and municipalities as it continues to review and improve its community development programs.  Projects that involve partnerships with two or more community organizations, demonstrate broad local government and community support and are regional in nature will receive additional priority consideration.
The application deadline is September 11, 2017. It is anticipated that funding decisions will be made by the end of October 2017.
Department staff are available to consult with you and your organization with technical and program advice regarding the suitability of a project you may be considering. Proponents are encouraged to connect with the contacts listed on the specific program websites.

What is the Community Places Program?

The Community Places Program (CPP) provides funding and planning assistance to non-profit community organizations for facility construction, upgrading, expansion or acquisition projects. Eligible projects are those which provide sustainable recreation and wellness benefits to communities.

When can we apply and what is the deadline?

Applications are now available. The deadline for submitting applications for the Community Places Program is September 11, 2017.
It is anticipated that approvals will be announced by the end of October 2017 and will be posted on our website. Grant notifications will be mailed to each applicant.
For an application form visit Apply to CPP.

Who can apply?

Non-profit community organizations throughout Manitoba are eligible to apply to the Community Places Program.  Ineligible organizations include public schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses, commercial co‑operatives, and federal, provincial and City of Winnipeg departments, and agencies.*  Ineligible projects include those primarily involving housing, space for worship or congregational purposes, cemeteries, signage, portable tools, equipment, furniture, municipal works such as roads, bridges, municipal service buildings, and sewer and water installations.*  Operating costs and building maintenance costs are not eligible.
*Exceptions may exist where community use can be measured. Please contact your regional office to obtain a form which will help us to determine your eligibility.

What is the funding formula?

Non-profit community organizations can apply to the Program for up to 50% of the first $15,000 of project costs and up to 1/3 of project costs over that amount. The maximum grant is $50,000.   For more information on how our funding formula works please see our Funding Formula Tip sheet. (PDF 88 KB)

What other services are available?

Technical consultation services are available to assist community organizations in the planning and development of facility projects. Consultations include planning and design advice, information on regulatory requirements and assistance with the tendering process. Applicants can benefit from arranging an on-site facility consultation, please contact your regional office to set-up a site visit.

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